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  • Urban Homesteaders
    Who Can Join? For urbanites only who have merged off the freeway of life onto a more sustainable, simple & self reliant path. The community’s mission is to bring together city folks, new urban homesteaders who are taking steps to live a more self sufficient life in regards to their food, energy, water, waste, transportation, lifestyle and more. Community Guidelines Definition of "Urban": less than or no more than 1/2 acre to 3/4 acre. Urban Homesteading Lifestyle: Doing more with less, growing a sizeable % (at least 50 percent) own produce (fruits, vegetables, herbs), raising citif

  • Homesteadin' Unschoolers
    Homesteadin' Unschoolers Blog Community bcommunitys together unschoolers striving for a more sustainable lifestyle. Whether you're living and working on 100 rural acres or a quarter acre urban homestead, whether just getting started, old hat or still dreaming, join us to celebrate our connection with the land.

  • Genderfreezone
    Based on the clique 'Fuck Gender' this is for all the genderqueer sites out there and their supporting sites as well as for anyone who feels they should not be bound by 'gender'.

  • Hipsters & Hippies
    Were you born in the wrong generation? Do you look around at the modern media and ccommunitye at the sheer amount of silicone, sparkle and manufactured 'cred'? Do you miss the old days, the music of the punk ( 1967-1979 aka real punk ),lost and beat generation, the poetry, the lifestyle and the power that comes with real rebellion and freedom? Are you a hipster? Are you a hippie? Are you a beat? Then we've been waiting for you.

  • Ishy Bloggers
    Bloggers trying to live a more self-sufficientish life.

  • Looking at Lifestyle Choices


    A lifestyle is a way an individual lives. A lifestyle choices are the characteristic package of activities which makes sense to both oneself and others in a specified place and time, comprising social relations, entertainment, consumption and dress. The practices and behaviors in lifestyles are a blend of habits, conservative ways of doing the things, and logical actions. A lifestyle classically also reproduces a persons attitudes, principles or worldview. Thus, a lifestyle is the means of building a sense of identity as well as to generate educational symbols which reverberate with individual individuality. Not all the aspects of lifestyle are completely voluntaristic. Surrounding technical and social systems can limit the lifestyle alternatives accessible to the person as well as the symbols he/she is capable to venture to others and self.


    The lines amid personal identity as well as the daily doings which sign an exacting lifestyle turn out to be blurred in contemporary society. For instance, "green lifestyle" means containing beliefs and employing in the activities that consume less resources and create less damaging waste, and getting a sense of personality from holding these principles as well as engaging in these actions. A few commentators dispute that, in Modernity, cornerstone of lifestyle construction is the consumption behavior that provides the option to make and further individualize the identity with dissimilar products or services which sign diverse ways of life.


    The term lifestyle in political affairs could regularly be used in transmitting the idea that the civilization be accepting of a diversity of special ways of life from the perception that differences amid the ways of living are superficial, more willingly than existential. Lifestyle is even at times used negatively, to spot out a few ways of living as voluntary or elective as different to others which are measured normative, mainstream or unremarkable.


    Within anarchism, lifestyle is the vision that an anarchist civilization can be created by altering one's own individual activities more willingly than by holding in the class struggle. In business, "lifestyles" give a means by which marketers and advertisers attempt to aim and match customer goals with products, or to generate aspirations pertinent to innovative products. Thus the marketers take patterns of principle and action feature of lifestyles as well as direct them to consumption and expenditure. These patterns reproduce the demographic factors which describe a group. As a construct which directs public to interrelate with their planets as customers, lifestyles are subject to alter by demands of advertising and technical innovation. “The lifestyle" is the term usually used in swinging and BDSM.


    It is simple to harm your own physical condition. Devoid of even recognize it, you might be setting yourself up for many health problems along the road, just by making awful lifestyle choices. There are a number of ways which you might be endangering your physical condition as well as shortening your natural life such as smoking, poor diet, excessive drinking, ignoring stress and not sleeping properly. However these poor health alternatives could easily be altered as well as it is never too late to recover your health.