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  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Blogs and Web Sites
    A community community for mediators, arbitrators, negotiators, attorneys, conflict resolution educators, collaborative professionals, trainers, peer mediators, peace-builders, and dispute management professionals of all kinds to share their blogs or their web sites relating to the field of alternative dispute resolution and mediation.

  • Adoptee Rights
    Activly pushing the states twords open records for adult adoptees in the USA. Our site is growing and we have many goals in our future for growth internationally and searching assistance. May we all have equal rights.

  • Law in Society

    Law enforcement is the twig of the government accountable for maintaining harmony (Peace) and order in society. In recent times I have heard a number of people have a discussion like the law of attraction is some type of magical modus operandi. The law of attraction can do a number of wonderful things for you but it positively is not magical. The law of attraction is a law which just like as the law of aerodynamics.


    If a person who died 500 years ago and was able to travel through time to where we are today, they would be surprised by watching the airplanes. Even they might think that there is some magical thing that makes the airplane flying. But of course, we know that it’s not magic; it is a law being enforced.


    Similarly, at times the  law of attraction may seem magical but it is not. If the people know how to work the law, the law will work for everyone. If you do one or two things that are the part of the law, does not mean that it will work for you. The law will work if you have to enforce the whole law for it to work. But please do not think that you can try it for just one night and all the things will be attracted to you that you want in your life.


    For any kind of law, first you have to study it and have to learn how it exactly works. So as the result you will find that you will have to make some changes in some things about you. Thus the thing will not become always easy, even when you have been doing things a certain way for a long time.


    Each and everyday we hear about the law, it is the different thing that sometimes we realize it and sometimes not. It is everywhere, in our government, in our work, and even in our houses. Another type of law is criminal law which is also known as penal law. This law is the body of constitutional and general law that deals with crime and the legal punishment of criminal offenses.


    There are four major theories for criminal justice inside of criminal law.

    1) Punishment

    2) Deterrence

    3) Incapacitation

    4) Rehabilitation


    The law of this form is vital in most of the cases as the form can tell apart crimes as of public wrongs. We know that criminal laws are here from the ages and it is considering as the primary system of amendable the performance of persons and groups comparatively to what is clear as the common norms. It differs between crimes such as public crimes, where the variation is between two persons and their personal privileges and obligations underneath the law which is edict the entire culture.


    The instance of a public law case is a disagreement two persons over an agreement that they had made to, take an example selling an automobile. Here in this case, one feels that their privileges for a reasonable automobile deal have been breeched by the other individual. On the other hand there is a criminal case in which you have a case for killer, who is breaking the privileges of shelter of ours.