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  • Resource Center on Abuse
    RCOA is a safe place for help and support on all forms of abuse

  • Operation Border Lockdown
    Illegal immigration bloggers and webmasters - if you are absolutely sick and tired of the invasion at our borders, lax border security and do-nothing government policy - and if you realize that none of us were meant to stand alone in this fight, then please consider joining our growning community of others who are of like mind and doing their fair share in getting the information out to the public related to this dire national security issue.

  • So, You’ve Got Issues


    If we tried to discuss the issues that our society faces day to day, there wouldn’t be enough space on this page for me to even get started! The fact is that society is facing all kinds of issues every minute of everyday. We as individuals and as a group have our issues…some more than others. Dissecting everyone’s issues isn’t possible, but what we can talk about is all of the things we can do to deal with various issues in general.


    Let’s start with those issues, or rather causes that matter to us such as world hunger, poverty, the environment, etc. These are issues that concern us to varying degrees that we often don’t know what to do about. These are issues that are grand and therefore overwhelming which cause us to freeze, not knowing how to make a difference. You can use the internet to find ways to help and find out what you can do about any issue that may matter to you. You should realize that if something matters to you, then it probably matters to others as well. Pop on onto any search page or web ring and have a quick look for resources pertain got your issues and within seconds you will be bombarded with dozens or even hundreds of things that you can do to make a difference. Whether you opt to donate to a cause, assist with fundraising, volunteer or even just incorporate some small steps into your daily life, then you ARE doing something.


    Sometimes we deal with issues that are of a more delicate and personal nature. We face issues everyday in our relationships that we may not know how to deal with. Finding help to deal with your relationship problems may seem daunting or even embarrassing, but if you can get past that, then finding the help you need is quite easy. There are so many places you can turn for help dealing with relationship issues; your family and friends, your church or an organization. Again, finding this type of help is also a lot easier nowadays thanks to the internet. Not only can you find out where to go in your community, but for those who are embarrassed or uncomfortable, you can get the help you need online and take comfort in the anonymity that online help or counseling provides.


    For those issues that we have little control over, we need to learn to do what we can and accept the things that we can’t help. Politics is often one of these things that we all have strong opinions and serious issues with, yet feel powerless over. Voting is one way to exert the power that you do have. Often, an outlet in which to express our issues can do wonders, first as a great way to vent and depending on the outlet you choose; a great way to get your opinions and ideas heard. Where you ask? Online! My suggestions: start a blog, visit a forum…or ten. Just have your say! It’ll work wonders for you when it comes to handling your issues and just making you feel better.