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  • Cold War Community
    A Community of Websites dedicated to the history of the Cold War between the Eastern Bloc and Western Powers from 1946 to 1991.

  • Ancient Sites
    A community for all who wish to study and learn about the ancient classical Greek world. Websites must be clean, concise and quality designed. Sites must be viewable by all ages. The decision on admitting members and/or removing sites rests solely with the communitymaster

  • Knight Orders and Living History Groups
    A collection of Knight Orders and Living History Groups found on the Internet along with Historical Resource sites. This Community covers Knightly Orders of Chivalry. It also covers all Historical Living History Groups from all periods up to World War II.{;}

  • Anubis Web Realm Community
    Stemming from The Temple of the Elder Gods comes the Anubis Web Realm Community. This Community is for sites dedicated to the Sacredness, the Spirituality of The Elders, The Egyptian Pantheon and the Gods of the Shamans. All Pagan sites will be considered as long as they have some content geared towards the theme of ancient Paganism. After submitting your site, it will be voted on by the Anubis Panel as to whether or not it will become part of the Community. This does not take long so don't fret. If this Community came up in your search, it is most likely your site will get accepted. Althou

  • Wenches of the Knowne Worlde
    Welcome to the "Wenches of the Knowne Worlde" Community, where goodly, buxom, becleavaged, bold and beautiful Wenches of all shapes, sizes, colours, races and creeds, can unite. Whether you are a SCAdian, Renaissance Faire goer, or any other Medieval or Renaissance re-creationist type, this is the Community for you.

  • Mysteries in Stone
    The site is designed to introduce the mystery and splendour of Ancient Egypt to beginners and children. This site complies to the RNIB design for ease of reading for partially sighted people

  • Confederate Pride
    Site to honor the brave men of the Confederacy, and tell the truth of what the Confederacy stood for.

  • Harlow Town
    Harlow town is situated in essex england, the town has some interesting history, many people came to harlow due to the overcrowding of london.

  • Alkmaar Community
    De community Alkmaar. is opgericht om bewoners van Alkmaar (en natuurlijk omliggende plaatsen) inzicht te geven in de ontwikkeling van Alkmaar en al zijn facetten. Iedereen die een site heeft over iets in Alkmaar kan zich aanmelden. Geschiedenissites, wijkverenigingen, ambachtslieden, lokale kunstenaars of maakt niet uit.....als er maar een link met Alkmaar is, meld u aan!

  • Pictures of World War One
    This community bcommunitys together websites which contain photographs and pictures illustrating the First World War, and which make some or all of these available free for educational and non-commercial use.

  • Medieval Cities, Castles and Fortresses
    Dedicated to all medieval cities, castles, palaces, fortresses and their history. Good sites in all languages are welcome.

  • The Golden Years of Transportation
    Heritage Railroads, 19th & Early 20th Centuries, Library, Trivia, Coaches, Urbain Transportation, from horse drawn to electric trollies, Model Railroading over 40 years, & Much more including an All Canadian Web Site.

  • Ancient Americas
    A place for people interested in the ancient americas

  • The Evita Perón Community
    A community for sites about Eva Perón and-or the musical Evita.

  • Susan Patton Fan Club
    A community for the fans of Susan Patton

  • Myers Genealogy.Com Research Community
    Myers Genealogy.Com founded in 1998; home of Rootswebs Newsgroups MOYERS, MAYERS, MYRES and many more. All are free to Post to MYERS FREE BOARD; Over 2000 Pages and Updating always! Welcome one and all.

  • Ancient-Empires
    A Community composed entirely of web sites involving the ancient world, from the Egyptians to the Realm of the Mongols.

  • NA History
    Sites Dedicated to Narcotics Anonymous History of all kinds.

  • 9/11 America Remembers
    The America Remembers Community is a place for others to learn more about that day that has gone down in history and changed our lives forever. It's also a place to share your feeling and thoughs about  the September 11, 2001 attacks and also find 911 photos, videos, DVD’s and more.
    For those interested you can also find 9 11 commission reports, conspiracy theories about the New York and Pentagon attacks and other information about everything from United Airlines Flight 93 to terrorists.

  • Historical Mysteries Community
    Fascinated by cipher manuscripts, anomalous historical objects, and ancient Forteana, such as the Voynich Manuscript, the Rohonczi Codex, the Antikythera Mechanism, the Dendera Lamps, the Baghdad Batteries? Then this is the web-community for you!

  • The American Revolution
    This is a community for all things about the American Revolution and ducommunity this historical time in United States history. This is all encompassing including societies, reenacting, educational, anything about the Revolutionary War, suttlers, books, geneology, historical, our flag, constitution, anything 18th century, music, art, etc.
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