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  • queer girl
    A community for any girl who identifies herself as queer...

  • Temenos Intersex Community
    Community connecting sites by and for the Intersex community.

  • Paläste Community
    Dies ist der Community, in den alle deutschen Paläste - seien es nun die \"klassischen\" Key-Challenge-Paläste oder die Rollenspielpaläste - eintreten können.

  • The Fag Hags Community
    a community for women who adore homosexual men. (fag hags, flame dames, poof, queer gay pride, ribbon clerk, homosexual men, same sex relationships, drag queen, bisexual boy, love, bungie boy, cross dress, rainbow, day without art, etre aux hommes, fruit flies, lick-box, nancy boy, twink, boiz)

  • Gender Bender Community
    Community for Gender Benders with journals.

  • Gyrlz N Da Life
    A place where ALL lesbians can communicate and network regardless of lifestyle and culture. An open forum for women to find other women with resourceful information and support.

  • Youth Resource: Campus Links
    Community bcommunitying together lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender college organizations.

  • Bi Friends
    A community for bi's, gays and those friendly to both communities!

  • Gay Webcam Community
    This community is for gay men that have a webcam set up on thier website.

  • Outminds Community
    GLBT YOUth can make a difference. We welcome all GLBT junior high, high school, college and beyond to showcase their websites here.

  • a(x)e homophobia
    do you hate homophobia? a(x)e homophobia. support the community.

  • LesBiGayTrans Playgrounds
    A community for sites made by LBGT's for LBGT's. No hate or discriminatory sites need apply. Sites can be personal homepages, meeting spaces, businesses and online journals etc. Join today!

  • Sensual Les/Bi Community
    This is a community for sensual lesbians and bisexual women. No porn, no explicit sites allowed.

  • Gay bois websites and diaries and stuff
    your websites and diaries, and stuff

  • Gay Boy Web
    A community full of cute gay boy sites!

    This is where all the fans of Hot Carpet Munchers can come together and unite for one common purpose: to.. umm... look at hot carpet munchers!

  • Temenos Cowboys Community
    For gay and bi cowboys. A place to talk about gay rodeos, square dancing, and hot cowboys!

  • I Love a Good Drag Show
    A community for female impersonators and audience members, fans and venues featucommunity drag shows, anything to do with the history of drag as it relates to stage performance, and the art of female impersonation.

  • How Peculiar
    A community designed to bcommunity together as many Gay & Lesbian-related joinables (Cliques, fanlistings, etc) as possible!

  • CommunitySurf: New Community
    I cannot beleive I could not find a gay South Carolina (SC) community or blogcommunity or community or blog community anywhere! Well, when you cannot find, make! Please join me in banding together our homes on the web.

  • Dual Dezires (for women in the life)
    Dual Dezires is a social and support group for bisexual and bicurious women. We also welcome lesbian women and our heterosexual allies ("straight" women who support bi and lesbian efforts). Come and join us as we share our lives and experiences as women in the "life." Our topics and discussions are not limited to "lifestyle" but span across all aspects of our lives.

  • wmn-on1-line
    innovative, women, blog, female, lesbian

  • Final Testament
    Progressive, non-conformist LGBTQ civil rights web site. Eclectic, original, radical, provocative, hilarious graphic art and writing.
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