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  • Gay Diary
    A community of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender online diaries or journals.

  • Temenos LGBTI Musicians
    Connectings sites by, and for, lesbian gay, bi, and trans (LGBT) Musicians.

  • LGBTI Entertainment
    Connecting websites about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender actors.

  • I Kiss Girls
    Welcome to the official I Kiss Girls community! It was originally created in September 2000 but due to a large amount of dead links, I decided to delete it and recreate it in July 2003. All old members will have to resubmit, I'm afraid.

  • Temenos LGBTI Christians
    Connecting sites by and for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Christians.

  • GAY-DAYS Community
    The Gay-Days site offers awards for excellence in web design and content. Our community is not just for award winners. If you have a gay related site we invite you to join our growing family!

  • LGBT Online Activist Community
    Connects sites which deal with lesbian, gay, bi, trans (LGBT) online activism and advocacy.

  • Queer As Folk Community
    This is the original QAF community. Here you will find all the information, pictures, sounds, discussions, fan fiction, and anything else that is related to the show Queer As Folk . We are based on the North American version of the show so please make sure your site has atleast some content of the NA QAF show. Sites devoted to specific characters are also welcome.

  • lesbian gay bisexual transgender intersex health
    Community connecting sites which address LGBTI Health Issues (lesbian, gay, bi, trans, intersex).

  • Temenos LGBTI Muslim Community
    Connecting sites by and for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Muslims

  • Temenos Trans Youth Community
    Connecting sites by and for Trans Youth.

  • Temenos Lesbian Youth Community
    Connecting sites by and for lesbian youth.

  • LGBT Pagans
    Connecting sites by and for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender pagans.

  • LGBTI Athletes
    Connecting sites by and for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) Athletes.

  • Temenos Bi Youth
    Connecting sites by and for bisexual youth.

  • Forever Fag Hag
    a community for fag hags everywhere

  • Temenos LGBTI Hindus
    Connecting sites by and for the lesbian, gay, bi, & trans Hindu community.

  • Gay & Lesbian Parents and Families
    A Community for web sites of interest to Gay and Lesbian parents and Families everywhere.

  • LGBT Jewish Community
    connecting sites by and for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender Jewish community.

  • Temenos Lesbian Seniors
    Connecting sites by and for Lesbians forty and over.

  • Boy Loves Boy
    This is a community for boys who like boys... thats it, no porn, just boys who loves boys...

  • OUT Against the War
    Community connecting sites by and for the LGBT Community in opposition to the a war against Iraq.

  • OUT for Democracy
    Lesbian, Gay, Bi, and Trans (LGBT) Supporters of Howard Dean

  • Fag Hags community
    This is for everyone who loves gay guys, and gay guys as well.

  • Temenos LGBTI Atheists
    Connecting sites by and for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender atheists and humanists.

  • Transsexual & Transgendered Information
    This community is comprised of pages for the transvestite and transgendered communities. Web pages with links, pictures, helpful information, personal pages, and much more are welcome to join.

  • Temenos Gay Seniors
    Connecting homepages by and for gay men forty and over.

  • Bisexual Primetimers
    An e-mail discussion list for bisexuals forty and over.

  • Temenos LGBTI Families
    Connecting sites with information by and for lesbian, gay, bi, trans, intersex (LGBTI) Families with a focus on LGBTI Parents, Adoption, Insemination, and much more.

  • LGBT Two Spirit Community
    Connecting sites by and for lesbian, gay, bi, trans (LGBT) and Two Spirit Native Americans (American Indians).

  • Temenos LGBTI Soccer Community
    Lesbian, gay, bi, trans (LGBT) Soccer Fans and Soccer Players

  • Original German Yaoi Stories
    Dies ist ein Community der Webseiten, die deutsche originale Yaoi-Stories enthalten.

  • Transgender Primetimers
    Connecting by and for the transgender community forty and over.

  • TransgenderSiteCommunity
    Transgender Resource and Information Site CommunityFor Tg/Ts/Tv/Cd members and others

  • LGBT Football
    A website connecting lesbian, gay, bi, trans, (LGBT) football players and football fans.

  • Temenos LGBTI Sikhs
    Connecting sites by and for lesbian, gay, bi, and trans Sikhs.

  • LGBT Basketball
    LGBT Basketball Community.

  • LGBT Baseball Community
    connectings sites by lesbian, gay, bi, trans (LGBT) baseball fans and baseball players

  • Twenty Something Bisexuals
    Connecting sites by and for bisexual men and women in their twenties.

  • CanadaCraig's NICE GUYS
    Personal websites created by NICE GUYS!!

  • Temenos Circuit
    Information about gay and bi men's circuit parties and events.

  • Gay Christian Bloggers
    This is a blogcommunity created for gay Christian bloggers who want to stay connected and provide an easy way to read each other's blogs.

  • Gay Bar
    Gay Bar was created to connect the global Gay community by creating the closest thing to a local Gay bar online. Please note that this community is primarily for Gay bloggers who blog about music, film, art, fashion, travel and nightlife regardless of language or country. Other sites can join but will be reviewed for compatibility with Gay Bar.

  • Sytry's Lez Only Community
    This community is only for sites that contain lesbian content.

  • whateversexual
    whateversexual is for anyone who doesn't let sexual orientation rule their life. it's for anyone, bi, straight, gay, or transgendered, who think that sexuality is an open thing and if it works for someone, let it work for them. whateversexual is for people who don't judge people based on their sexuality and who accept people for who they are, not how they get their pleasure.

  • Gay Canadian
    Community for Gay Canadians in Canada or wanna be canadians

  • Transgeneration
    In a day or two, this will be a new community for youngish teestars with a little more intelligence than the

  • Over The Rainbow
    This community is for gays, lesbians, and bisexuals with communitys who boldy promote their sexual idenity!

  • gay123
    gay links

  • #Bisexual
    #Bisexual is the number one Bi chat channel on Dal-Net. 18+ Advice, Discussion and friendly chat. All orientations welcome!

  • Explaining Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual

    Each person has a different view on what they like and are attracted to sexually. Not every one is straight and in today’s world people are finding it less taboo to tell the truth about who they are and it is about time too. This article is written as a guide to explaining the differences between what it is to be gay, a lesbian or a bisexual for those who are confused and feel they are not sure what to think. There are no straight lines on what divides each sexual preference but there are some indicators. Only you can make up your mind and decide to be whom you feel inside.


    Gay is a term usually referred to for males that fancy and are attracted to other males. If you are a young adult male then you need to understand it is quite common for you to feel confused from time to time about your sexuality it happens to us all at some time or another. The only true way is to wait and see how you feel later on. You may continue to feel the same and still be attracted to other men and if this is the case then you are probably gay. For some this feeling goes away and they accept it was just a challenging time of life and that they are straight. Others stay hovering around the edges which means they are probably bisexual. Some people have always known they were attracted to other males where as some do not experience it until late in life. Everyone is different.


    Lesbian is usually a referred name for women that fancy and is attracted solely to other women. It is very similar to gay men in the fact of their teenage years and hormones. Many girls often are attracted to other girls at some stage of their lives. Some are out with girly mates, get drunk and then have a thing with a girly mate leaving them confused. Women are a lot more sexual than men and more accepting. Some find that they try it but decide that it is not for them, others try it and stick to it and others are bisexual and love everyone. Being a lesbian is nothing to be ashamed of nor is it wrong. For some it is the answer to how they feel and what ever feel right for you is what is right for you.


    Bisexual is the term used for people who are attracted and have relationships with both sexes. They can easily fall in love with a man as they can a woman. For bisexuals they often get the hardest problems. They often feel left hung in the balance and the most confused. One day they feel one way and the next they feel the other. Bisexuals often find they stay confused for longer about who they are as they are attracted to both sexes leaving them feel like they are in limbo. Once you accept there is nothing wrong with you and it is ok to be bisexual you will feel more at one with yourself than you ever did before.

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