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  • The Original Dead Scary Community
    A community for sites that cover the themes of Halloween, Horror, Gothic, Paranormal, Vampires or any other kind of dark site. We would love to have you join our community if your site fits in. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Please visit our Community Home Page - http://deadscary.deep-ice.com - before applying to join. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  • Cultures of the World
    A community to connect all websites that educate about cultures of the world.

  • Ancient Myths
    A community of sites dedicated to providing resources on the Ancient Myths of all cultures of the world

  • Fornsed Norden
    För alla utövare och anhängare av Den Nordiska Seden

  • 2012 - Community
    A collection of sites with emphasis on the end of the world as we know it (TEOTWAWKI). This includes aspects of Pole Shift, Global Warming, Peak Oil, Planet X, Asteroid or Comet Strikes, Global Wars, Survival, Spirituality, and other End of Days phenomena.

  • Folklore and Tricksters

    Folklore means the unwritten lore (stories and proverbs and riddles and songs) of a culture. The trickster stories are of the animal tales type in which the trickster identified himself with a particular animal and he is always male. While the trickster crosses various culture traditions, there are significant differences between the tricksters of different traditions. Thus the different tricksters in different traditions are the mouse deer, the fox, the coyote, the spider, the tortoise and the mantis.


    These tales have a trickster who is a hero and may be regarded as both childlike prankster and evil destroyer or innocent fool and creator god. A child may come to know about the folklore by its grand parents. Each society has different folklores. Folklore also known as some legendry stories of the society. Though those are not fact or true tales, people still recall them with proud to their society.


    Tricksters are generally quite undersized with compare to the strong and large animals that come into sight in the same folk stories. The tricksters stay alive by their wisdom; however they do much more than just being alive. They continuously play witty tricks on the animal which are in the region of them, surpassing and abusing their quite powerful neighbors even when these have not done anything to ought to have it. At times he miscarries himself and discovers that he has been too witty. 


    It is none other than the trickster who indicates the flaws in our cautiously handled societies. He protests against power, generates complex schemes and more often plays with the commandment of the cosmos. He frequently offers challenges to the rules and makes us to challenge the same rules. Whenever the manner of thinking turn out to be outdated or when old habits have to be altered, the trickster appears.


    He himself is a creator, truth teller, joker, transformer or and story teller. We are handier to the trickster’s gifts when we are going through the transition states. The trickster, the border line resident, finds expression all the way through human thoughts and knowledge.


    The trickster stories are quite favorites in many traditions. They characterize the loser who uses cleverness and slyness to surpass a greater. The trickster animals of West Africa have a considerable existence in New World, when they took a trip as part of the legends of imprisoned Africans. The rabbit is well-known in the folk story which is documented by Harris in USA. We know him also as Bugs, Bunny in his modern avatar!


    The spider which is known as Anansi will be found all the way through the former English and the French city-states of the West Indies.


    The task of the slave trickster stories was a significant one giving logic of pride and look forward for the future. They gave you an idea that the strong can be defeated by the weak. The stories were strategies taught that defenselessness can conquest the high caliber and mischievousness is better than nastiness. The trickster myth was also a weapon for the slaves by which they were capable to take slight revenge on their masters.