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    Linking Filipina Mothers and Wives around the World to share the joy and the challenges of being the "ilaw ng tahanan" (light of the home).

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    This Community seeks to unite all Irish-American websites

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    Èn anea po trover totes les pådjes waibes k' i gn a e walon ou sol walon lingaedje.

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    Sites on Wales, Welsh people, people of Welsh descent and Welsh culture.

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    The only site on the Net where mothers of color who blog converge.

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    This Community is for anyone of Polynesian ancestry, have a Polynesian webpage, or loves Polynesia. Read and follow Membership Guidelines carefully if you want to join.

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    This community is dedicated to the Native Americans of all nations. If you relate in any way to the Native ways, have a Native American homepage or site please join in our community of Peace, Love, and Harmony. This is just another forum for uniting and shacommunity with the world our views, teachings, religions, and spirituality.

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    Community for members of the Native Pride team at The Wild Frontier.

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    Welcome to the Ebonically Speaking.com community! This community is for bloggers of African descent. All sites must offer something of meaning and import to the diaspora and will be viewed prior to approval. Sites containing indecent, filthy, objectionable or illegal material or links will not be approved. Business or promotional blogs of interest to the members of this Community are encouraged to apply for EbonicallySpeaking.com membership.

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    Have you created a website about a village, town or city in Ireland? If so, join us!

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    This community is for those who are black college students and have blogs. You must have the code on the site in order to be approved. **You must be a college student to be a part.** **Also, any race can join as well but it is mainly for blacks.**

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    Sites on Wales, Welsh America, Welsh people, people of Welsh descent and Welsh - American culture.

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    If you have a website related to being Irish or St. Patricks Day, you are welcome to apply to this community.

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    This is the community of all filipinos around the world. Everybody are welcome to join.

  • What is Ethnicity?


    Ethnicity is an important means through which people can identify themselves. The word Ethnicity is derived from the Greek word “ethnos” which normally translated as “people” or “tribe”. Ethnicity is a major factor affecting the health of individuals and communities.


    Have you ever thought about your ethnic origin? Or do you know surely where all your ancestors were from and the history of which country make direct impact on the people who were responsible for you who you are?

    To know the ethnic or our origin, we have to go thousand of years back in the past or we should have knowledge of history. But now science has made some inventions, which uses the DNA testing. If you wish to take an ancestry DNA test you can order a home test kit online or visit a laboratory that does DNA testing. The common procedure is to take a swab of the inside of the cheek which will give a good DNA sample for the laboratory to study.


    Then the laboratory may look at maternal DNA or DNA from the paternal line. They should study about 400 dissimilar points on the DNA, where as for the paternal line only 25-37 are required, if they are looking at the maternal DNA.


    The result will probably offer you a letter which corresponds to a definite ethnicity; it also may give you percentages of ethnicity – i.e. how much Indo-European, Native American, East Asian or African ancestry you have. If you get a letter from it then you can easily find a link to your main ancestry. The meaning of different letters gives you the main ancestry which is written in next paragraph.


    If you get A, B, C, D, or X letter then your ancestry is either Native American or Asian.


    Similarly if you get H, I, J, K, N, R, T, U, V, W, X then it is Indo-European.


    Letter L for African, letter M, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, O, P, Q, or Z for East Asian, letter P, or Q are for Oceana, Pacific Islands, and Papua New Guinea and letter N for Australian ancestry.


    The part of the DNA remains almost unchanged through the centuries. That is the reason why ancestry DNA testing useful in discovering one’s native roots. Mainly it is true with the Y chromosome and so paternal DNA testing necessitates fewer comparisons as the father’s DNA is passed down to his son without much considerable change.

    But for the society, the topic of ethnicity is danger after some level. In a country or a nation, if there are mainly two ethnic people are living then the majority party can undergo for violence to rule on the nation and the minority people. So if you want to know your ethnicity for your personal purpose then its okay as it is for your curiosity or for your personal purpose. But if you give this topic a political view then it will be danger for society or nation.