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  • Our Angels On Earth, Now Our Angels In Heaven
    No parent wants to know about the road of grief, much less join it. I am sorry you have the cause to walk down this long road. I am glad you found us. Here you will be able to talk freely about your loss, your child, you emotions, vent and do all this, without feeling guilty. We are here to help each other through this journey of grief.

  • Not in Our Arms Forever in Our Hearts
    For those who have lost a pregnancy, infant or child and wish to remember them. This is a alternative to the community version. Memorial sites, testimonies, blogs, loss and grief resources, or anything that is helpful to you and might be a help to others are all welcome.

  •                                                                                                       Trying to Understand Death


    Death, a fearful word, means termination of all the biological function of our body. All the living creatures of our society has to face death. Death is the truth of life which can not be ignored by any one. Death comes to all and even it comes to a society also.


    If we see in the past, we can have the information that too many civilizations means societies were there. But today some of them are not and what does it mean? It means the death comes to those societies also. A person who born must die, an animal who born must die, and a society developed by such creatures must die at the end.


    Death sometimes looks fearful and sometimes looks painful. For the centuries human beings have been used to seeing the death of all the creatures and society also, but still it is not something that we can accept easily. Human kind can feel the emotions and these emotions hurt it to accept the truth of death.


    Death comes to everyone and it comes in many ways. In general it comes to all the normal creatures as per the age and dieses. But sometimes death comes in terrific way. It demolishes the whole society and makes it history. The people who born in the world they must have to die at the end. The person who come in the world like the person who known by name, a family, a nationality and many more lovable values are no more with the person after death. The person you will never find again in the world after die. The neighbor you see everyday they never see in your life like life is not forever that will not granted, that is not the suddenly thing, death has taken the life away from us.


    Think about soldiers and how lonely their lives can be; living away from loved ones and living for society. They long for to be with their family and loved ones and are devoting their lives to protecting them, but do so by having to kill others sometimes. They’re families live each day praying to keep him safe from death while he himself has to inflict that on the families of those he kills in the name of duty. What a vicious circle.


    Duty cannot become called cruelty. But at the end the result of this is going to be same. So many wars have fought on the earth that we have never count. It is not like that still these things like wars are going on but we have never tried to stop all think. The killing is still continuing. Still the nationalities making boundaries but they are not define friendships and enmity. Just think that did the god draw the borders of nations? Just tell the answer of this question. No god never did this people has done this thing that is what the fact is, for this god have made one solution that is what the death is.