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  • Crime in Society


    Crime is a “Carry On” type industry. It never stops and always keeps growing on. The society has its own rule. Our society says that “One is innocent until he/she is proven guilty” and it never gives unusual and cruel punishment. So unfortunately the crime of society can not be stopped. Actually the terrific truth is that society itself creates the criminals and laws are there for them to live free.


    Crime does not require any kind of education or work experience and there is not that much risk, so the person who has nothing to lose can easily choose crime as his/her career. The minimal risk and times of it rewards puts delicious test on the person’s dish. Even a person who has done crime is caught, there are free legal advices and fewer chances to visit the prison and if he/she is sent to prison, there is free room. If we do not change some rules of our society, it will be impossible for us to reduce the crime.


    The major problem is that when a criminal pays off his crime and wants to come back to society, the high profile persons never allow him to be a part of society. So at the end when he embarrassed, he again moves toward the criminal world. So instead of blaming the society, we are the main players to make someone a criminal. Even the public servants such as cops, lawyers, and other government servants should do their job with full of honesty. Because a criminal always offer bribe to such people when he is caught.


    If we want to reduce crime in our society, we have to change our thoughts and minds. We have to change some rules and regulations of our society. There are too many ways to reduce crime in society. First let the criminal come in our society if he wants to leave the hypnotic job of crime. We have to create interest in his mind to set himself as a genuine civilian. Only then a criminal can make a “U-turn” from his crime career. It is not easy for us to forgive a criminal and to welcome him with warm but what if he does not want to go in crime world?


    So, crime is not the subject to think on or not only criminals are responsible for increasing the crime. We, the people of society, are also responsible for it as we are used to watch the crime happening against our eyes and we just watch it like a dumb audience.

    The conclusion says that crime can not be stopped by happening but criminals can be diverted to our society or be punished so that no other frustrated person thinks to break the rules.


    Thus, the crime is the production of a frustrated or a dirty mind, if it comes through a dirty mind, we just have to vanish that or else we have many options and some of them remove crime and rest of them creates another reasons to develop the crime.