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  • Dove Of Peace
    The Dove of Peace flies around the world from site to site. Please help her make it around the globe by joining this community & taking her to your site. Let her remind us to love our neighbours and our enemies.

  • The AOL Exodus
    This is a community for everyone who has left AOL's journals for greener pastures. A cornucopia of various journals from a community that we once knew as J-land.

  • Adoptees Community
    A community to connect and provide resources for adoptees on the 'Net

  • Community Zegels sparen
    Zegels, en punten, sparen voor de voedselbank

  • Pro Gun Community
    Community for Pro-Gun websites. Defenders of the 2nd Amendment, Pro-Gun Rights, Pro CCW, Electing Pro-Gun Candidates to office, Pro Hunting, Conservative and Preservation of Firearm Ownership websites.

  • Pro-Cuban Freedom
    Community for bloggers who support freedom for Cuba.

  • CyberVoices.tv Reality Community
    Sites and people that view the world differently from mainstream media. What we are looking for what is wrong and what can make it right. Conspiracy theory believers found their new home.

  • UK Politics
    If you have a political opinion, (left, right, centre) don't matter, feel free to join this community.

  • Mississippi Men against Abortion
    This community is a "men only" ministry community with one primary objective in mind, heart & soul = Fully open the eyes, minds & hearts of every man in the state of Mississippi to the TRUTH & REALITY of abortions, who they effect, how they effect MEN & WOMEN on a global basis & to educate society on the political side to abortions. This community is being created to stir up hostility, hate and anger towards people & will not tollerate such by it's readers and/or contributers. I have prayed for God to work his will in this community and for those who wander upon it to be blessed with abundant

  • Include
    Include non-governmental organizations, volunteers and great people

  • Get Involved in Environmental Activism

    Everyone has concerns about the environment on some level or another. The level of concern will determine the level of a person’s involvement in protecting the environment. Environmental activism is for those who have very deep concern for the environment. These activists push hard for political and social change to come about so that the environment is protected. A person does not have to have a degree in environmental issues to be able to take part in environmental activism. What is needed though is a strong commitment to the particular cause and a willingness to get involved.

    Most environmental groups have volunteer positions that allow everyday people to take part and help bring about change. Duties as a volunteer could involve answer phones, going door to door to get petitions signed, walking a picket line and even taking part in a public demonstration. Duties as simple as answering the phones can help aid an environmental group in their activism goals. Therefore when looking to be a volunteer consider that every duty no matter how small or insignificant that it seems does help to aid in the group’s cause.

    All environmental groups have their own level of activism and some may go further than you believe to be appropriate. If you are against public demonstrations against companies that violate environmental safety then an environmental group that is active in demonstrations would not be right for you. The same goes for if you are a strong believer in the power of public demonstrations and a particular environmental group is against demonstrations this too would not be a good match for you. Take the time to talk over with the coordinator for that particular environmental group so that you can what their needs are and what you can realistically do. When getting involved in any type of activism it serves no good to anyone if you are not comfortable with what is asked of you.

    To find groups that work toward your environmental cause one quick way is to perform a search engine search for environmental groups. This will allow you to see the group’s website and gather as much information as you can about that particular environmental group’s causes. This will allow you to see if the group is the right group for you. Another way is to get into contact with your local environmental agencies to see if they have a list of environmental groups that accept volunteers. An environmental agency can help you find a group that operates within the legal boundaries of environmental activism.

    In conclusion to get involved and make a positive difference for your cause you need to remain true to yourself. Volunteer only at places that support what you believe in and that operate at a level that you believe to be ethical. When we believe in what we are doing and we are doing it at the level of activism that we are comfortable with that is when we as individuals do our best for our particular cause.