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  • Web Excellence Certification Award Program
    The Web Excellence Award presented to those special sites {;}which demonstrate Quality Sites / Customer Service{;}which truly deserve to be recognized for their efforts.{;}Governmental regulation of the Internet is undesirable,{;}impractical, and unnecessary. The Web Excellence Certification Award Program provides the means for regulation of, by, and for the Internet community itself.{;}Our system is the first to give on-line consumers the voice as the{;}watchdogs of electronic commerce.

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  • Shopping Directories: Making Shopping Even Easier!

    There are several directories available to you on the internet at your disposal. Let your fingers do the talking when looking up all of the exciting and fabulous things that you want when you go shopping online. To make things easy for you I have listed below a few directories and their differences so you will always know which ones to use in which situation.

    Contact Information Directories are directories within a website or an independent website that will give you the telephone number, address and other contact information about the person or company you are trying to reach. These directories were created so that anyone anywhere can always contact someone for any of their needs. From finding out the number of the local plumber to finding out the email address of your old school friend, contact information directories have it all!

    Catalogue Directories can be found within websites and in all libraries world wide. These types of directories list everything from DVD titles, CD titles, Book Titles, Book Authors and Games to Historical important information. The catalogue can title all of the known artists in the world of art, music and dance. As long as you understand that all directories are in alphabetical order and can have several sub directories within them you will always find what you are looking for.

    Another type of directory is a comparison directory. This type of directory is used by online comparison sites to compare the prices of the item you are looking for. Say for example you are looking to buy a new bed. Depending on the type of bed you are looking for will depend on what you type in the search engine of this comparison directory. Firstly you will have to decide on what style of bed you want and weather you want a new mattress to be included in the price or weather it is just the bed frame you want to purchase. When you have decided on these things then you will be able to type in exactly what you want. The comparison directory will then look through the all of the companies that it has registered with it to bring you the best competitive prices for you to choose from.

    The most common directories that are referred to and listed on the internet are computer directories. Dependant on what kind of computer system that you are running your programs on and what DOS system will depend exactly where your desired directory will be. Most directories are listed under your C drive (your main drive) and then within a sub folder within the program files say for example and then within another sub folder you will find the program or file you have been looking for. The best way to do this is using the easy way which is using the search function that most computers have within their programming memory. It allows you to find any file or program without having to go through the long route that I just explained. Sometimes this doesn’t work though and the long way is the only alternative.