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  • Shopping for Weddings: The Ultimate Shopping

    When a woman gets married it is the most important day of her life and she wants to look sensational. The shopping industry when it comes to weddings is huge and you can get lost and confused quite easily. By following a set plan you can make sure that you don’t end up frustrated and annoyed. Making a list is one of the best things you can do, write down all of the things that you need and have to arrange. Then go through the list and group certain things together, when thinking of the bride and her dress it is best to group together everything that she needs so that you can tick them off one by one as you buy them. Also some people add the bridesmaids to this group as often the dresses for them are purchased around the same time so that they compliment the bride in every way. A bride’s lists should look something like this:

    1. Dress, veil, shoes, under garments, tiara, bag and jewelry. Bridesmaids outfits, shoes and bags.

    2. Flowers – Bride, groom, Bridesmaids, Button holes, church / register office / civil ceremony decorations (depending on where you are to hold the ceremony itself) and room decorations for the after party.

    3. Hair dresser, makeup artist and other beauty essentials such as spray tan, waxing and plucking.

    4. Invitations, seating arrangements, caterers, cars and photographer. Honey moon.

    All of these things seem less overwhelming when put together like this. Of course this is only a standard list and depending on the dream wedding on the bride and the budget available to her depends on the extent of the list and the additions to it. The maid of honor often takes on some of the responsibilities and helps the bride to arrange certain things; she is also responsible for the hen night. The groom is responsible for all of the things he needs to sort out on his side and the best man helps him in this; he is also responsible for the stag night.

    When shopping for things for the wedding you can find some real bargains on the internet and in your local stores that will help you keep your budget to a minimum. When it comes to weddings most shops and store clerks when they hear it is for a wedding will suddenly either steer you away from the normal things and start showing you things that are very expensive. The word wedding often triples the price of anything so one of the best tricks you can learn is not to mention the word wedding. Certain things you cannot help but mention like the dress but the accessories can be bought from just about anywhere and for a reasonable price. The flowers are the same when it comes to mentioning the word “wedding”, some people create their own flowers but for those that are not that creative then asking for bouquets in various sizes rather than asking for wedding bouquets will save you hundreds.