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  • Hello Kitty and Friends Community
    This is your spot for all things Hello Kitty and Friends! From information and history on Hello Kitty to pictures, products and merchandise, it's all here and ready when you are!
    It's no surprise that Hello Kitty and Friends has a huge following which is why this community is here. Fans of Hello Kitty can find all sorts of neat Hello Kitty stuff here like products, movies, pictures, books, clothing,bags and so much more. Find all your Hello Kiity goodies here as well as information, history on the cartoon and a lot more.

  • My Little Pony
    See how My Little Pony continues to woo little girls today as they did over 2 decades ago when they made their debut. This community is all about the popular little ponies and gives fans of all ages a fun place to find all kinds of neat things related to My Little Pony.
    This is where you can find a vast My Little Pony Collection Inventory with a Complete Checklist of all US Ponies and Playsets and somuch more. Have a look around and see what wonders await  with just a few clicks!

  • Care Bears
    Does it get any cuter and sweeter than the Care Bears?? These colorful and cuddly bears have been warming our hearts for years now which is why this Care Bears community was created.
    Here you can find everything from Care Bears for sale to products like DVDs, bedding and much more with just one click! We offer a little bit of everything pertaining to the lovable Care Bears for people just like you who love these sweet little bears.

  • Toys Made in USA
    This community is dedicated to toys made in the usa. We're proud of the quality, creativity and craftsmanship that goes into American made toys and know that others are as well.
    We're a great source for those looking for American Made Toys. Use this community to find Safe Made in USA Toys. The American Made Toys offerered here are some of the best around so if Top Quality Toys Made in the USA is what you're after then stick around and see what we've got!

  • Boomerang
    This is a community dedicated to those of us who enjoy using and even making Boomerangs. Whether for sport or fun, Boomerangs can be a great way to pass the time.
    We're your resource for Boomerangs for Sale as well as lots of Boomerang Information. WE can help you learn  How to throw and build a Returning Boomerang. Find it all here from Handmade and Returning boomerangs to Competition Boomerangs that can give you the edge when you compete.

  • Thomas the Train Community
    Who doesn't love Thomas the Train and all of his adorable train friends! This classic character still has people of all ages mesmerized by his adventures which is why we have created this community for all things to do with Thomas the Train.
    Thomas the Train toys, books, DVDs and more are within reach and at affordable prices right here so that you can wow your kids without breaking the bank! Find Thomas the Train toys, books, DVDs, wooden trains and more

  • Dirt Cheap Video Games
    Offers video games for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, DS, and PSP as well as accessories, consoles, and handhelds. Also offers free newsletter.

  • Shopping for Toys and Games - Hurray!

    There are many different types of store both in the local towns and on the internet. All of them offer different makes and styles of toys making the decision on what to buy for that gift you need quite challenging sometimes. The easiest way is to understand the child, their age and what they like before buying them a toy or a game. Most children of a certain age will be interested in roughly the same things but there are the odd children here and there who don’t follow the trends and stand out as individuals quite early. These are the children that are the hardest to buy for. For the rest, it can be quite easy to figure out boy or girl exactly what they will like to play with; your gift will be a smash!! As long as it’s age appropriate most toys and games will be well loved and played with until the child either grows out of the toy or game or the toy or game runs out of life.

    Most toys and games for children between the ages of 6 months and 5 are available in abundance in second hand stores, on online auction sites and in sales, bagging you a bargain. Toys and games don’t have to be expensive as long as you capture the imagination of the child. Some children are more than happy to play with the box than they are the game at first. It’s all about imagination. Children have tones of imagination and love nothing more than putting that into full swing by playing dress up games, running round the garden and making things out of boxes, paper and glue. Sometimes if the child is very creative then it is best to buy them craft items as this will lead them to endless hour of pleasure playing and using their imagination. For other children you will often find they will express an opinion on weather they would like as they prefer a toy or a game. Most children will answer a toy as the short lived buzz they provide is far too tempting for a child to pass up. Television advertising has a lot to answer for, they create a buzz among children who when they see the advert are spell bound by the toys, the catchy song and the children shown playing with the item being so happy. Children want that and will bug you to death until they get what they want.

    Buying online is easy, in your search engine find bar type in the toy that you are looking for and watch the results come up. You can check the listings one by one to find the best price and delivery options for you. The other way is to use an online auction site you can find some fantastic bargains new and pre-owned. And the final and most preferred way is to use a price comparison site.