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  • Diaper Bags for Dads and Moms. Diaper Bag Patterns.
    Long gone are the days of frilly diaper bags that dads would be embarrassed to carry! This community offers you a whole new world of cool man diaper bags for dads in great patterns, leather and more!
    This community is a fun and helpful place for parents to find the latest in diaper bags for moms AND dads as well as other goodies. Sitack, relax and browse a while!

  • The Cloth Diapers Community
    This communityt is your best resource for cloth diapers.Use it to learn how to use cloth diapers and even find all of the accessories you'll need, like pails and fasteners.
    Have a look around this great community for all you need you need to know or buy when it comes to cloth diapers.

  • For Indian Clothing & Fabric
    This is a community for all of those who love the look of Indian clothes and fabric. Whether you sew or not, Indian fabrics can be a beautiful way to dreess up any home or outfit.
    Use this community to buy and even just learn about American Indian clothing, Fabric, Clothes, Dresses. Find gorgeous Indian Dress for Sale.We have all kinds of Indian Clothing and also Indian Dress Patterns for easier deisgning and sewing. This is your best American Indian Clothing Store! Shop or just look around at what's available.

  • Feel Free To Sell
    I invite you to toin Me for all Merchant , to create the biggest digital shop communitysurf

  • Solar Battery Chargers
    This community is all about solar batteries. With the world trying to go as green as possible, solar batteries of all kinds are becoming a must in all of our lives which is why this helpful community exists.
    Use the community to find Solar Battery Chargers for your Car, Auto, Motorcycle, 12 volt, 6 volt, and more. We alos have RV, Cell Phone and Boat Solar Battery Chargers and Solar Chargers for Small Batteries, AA-AAA, D, C.

  • Sisterly Savings Community Around The Coupons!
    A Savings Community for the Frugal Minded and Coupon Divas out there and Everywhere:)

  • Shopping - When Your Niche Is You

    When it comes to things in life that can often be described as niche then the internet has tones of websites all waiting for you to view and sometimes join.

    Positive self care is one of these things. It is often misunderstood as being seedy but the truth is that it is about giving your body and soul the attention it deserves; respect & love. Many people are not happy their body image, they strive constantly to change some things about themselves and I am sure you are the just the same in some way or another. But hating your body, face or personality won’t change them only by taking action can you accept yourself for who you are now and then look to what positive things you can do to change. Positive self-care is the best way to accomplish this.

    There are two ways that are felt by those who understand the power of positive self care that provides us with the tools of understanding. The first is mothering your self from time to time.

    Mothering your self; Most people when they feel sad inside begin to want their mothers. What you actually want is a mother-type figure not actually your mother but someone who will care for us with care and unconditional love. One of the keys to positive self care is to learn how to mother your self. When we understand unconditional love we know that the person who unconditionally loves us the most is ourselves! You are the only one who fulfills your every need, wants or desires whether you need food, want that new accessory, need a walk or want to go to sleep because you are tired. Treat yourself as a child from time to time, give yourself the tenderness you crave and become self sufficient instead of needing other people to do it for you and feeling disappointed! 

    The next step is to promote a positive body image. Everyone needs a boost sometimes and we have all enjoyed experiences that has made us feel attractive. It can be something as simple as getting dressed up for an event, getting a massage, wore sexy underwear just for you, exercising or even taking a long bath. The way to do this is to start making a list of everything that makes you feel attractive and then go and do it!!! Find ways to increase those opportunities that feed your positive body image. Do things that make you feel attractive! Another way to help you with a positive body image is to throw out all of the clothes in your closet that no longer fit you. Give them away to a charity store, spread the joy. Visit attractive settings, your Local Park, beach or botanical gardens are excellent for this sit and really feel the beauty of the place fill you with joy and love. Even having a good clutter clear out will fill you with peace, as some people associate living in a tidy clean home as having a tidy mind. Add beautiful things about your home that have scents that are attractive to your sense of smell. Scented candles are not just girly things but mood enhancers. Go on Love your self and your body!!!