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  • Tabletop Fountains
    The Tabletop Fountains Community provides easy access to fountain supply sites. Member sites provide fountain supplies such as pumps, containers, bowls, books, stones, kits, and completed fountains.

  • Wood Stoves
    This great community is home to some great options for those looking for wood stoves for sale. You'll be able to find something that not only fits your needs but also looks prefect with your decor thanks to the endless options available here.
    Use this community to find Wood Stoves and Wood Cook Stoves for Sale.  We've also got Used Wood Cooking Stoves, Antique and Vintage Wood Stoves. This is also where you can learn how to Build and Install your own Wood Stove.  We've also got Woodstove Cookstove Accessories and Parts.

  • Mirrors
    This Mirrors comunity give you access to some wonderful options to complete your search for that missing piece in your home decor, the one that it is going to bring new light and life to your home , here you will find what feets your needs .

  • Palm trees for sale
    Located in the Piedmont area of South Carolina. Family owned, we feature a wide range of landscaping and palm tree sales in SC and NC. We also have specimen windmill, pindo and palmetto palm trees. www.majesticpalmtrees.com

  • Patio Heaters Webring
    A Place to bring Patio Heater suppliers and Patio Heater buyers together. Great for Restaurants, Hotels and Contractors to find the right patio heaters for their patio heating needs

  •  Home and Garden Shopping for Made Simple


    Furnishing the outside of your home as well as the inside of your home can be either a nightmare or a delight. But doing it on a budget? That may be a tall order! But to get the look you want doesn’t mean you will have to pay through the nose for the furniture and garden furnishings you like. Home and garden shopping is easier and cheaper than you think!


    The trick is to buy a few quality basic clean lined pieces and less on the accessories as styles change rapidly and you can always throw them away and start again at will. A true solid durable piece of furniture will last you a lifetime. It may cost more and swallow up a grate chunk of your budget but you won’t have to make do with broken drawers, collapsing sideboards, people eating sofas and that brown furniture stuff any time soon. The best time to pick up these statement pieces is in the sales. Good quality manufacturers don’t have very many sales due to the fact that quality is something you pay for and people will always pay for it. Warehouse sales are where you will find the back door in and that furniture item at a price you can pay. These types of sales are normally quite limited in the choice of colors or finishes but as long as you go for a neutral theme you can dress it with anything. Also keep an eye out at yard sales and auctions. Old pieces can be sanded down and re-varnished or re-stuffed and covered at a fraction of the cost of buying new. The odd dent or a nick that comes with the general ware and tear are all character within your new or nearly new furniture.


    The same goes for buying garden furniture and ornaments. Keep an eye out for ex-display pieces; they are exactly the same as the ones in the box except they have been sat on a few times by the customers. They will often come without a box and already assembled, but they can be up to forty percent off the original prices. Reclamation yards are also a treasure trove of goodies where you can shop till you drop for a fraction of the costs. These yards are where designers go when they want to stage a house or find inspiration for a design. Large chimney pots make amazing focal planters and old railway sleepers can be cut up and made into rustic benches that will not only be durable but would cost five times as much from a store. By buying a few statement pieces you can turn your garden into another room that is an extension of the house without having to add a conservatory. You can dress the garden up with in-expensive seasonal planting which are the accessories of the gardening world.


    By using these tips by the time you have finished furnishing your home and garden it will look like you spent thousands when really you have got plenty of change that is heading back to the bank for a rainy day.