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  • When the Travel Bug Bites: How to Shop for Holidays


    Where to shop for this years holiday is entirely a personal preference although no one should stick to just one way, they should try other ways even if it is just the once. You may find you might like it and find it equals or is even better than the way you used to do it! Here we are going to discuss all of the ways you can shop for your next holiday, you may even wish to take the challenge and try them all.


    Travel agents – Are handy when it comes to taking the hassle and the stress out of booking your holiday. They do all of the running around, arrange your flights, hotel transfers, money and even activity schedules. They are truly able to take over and sort out everything for you so all you have to do is pay and turn up! The only problem with taking this route when booking your holiday is the price. The travel agents don’t work for free and their costs are put on top of your overall costs when choosing to book through them. All travel agents work on commission and do often end up making you book something you may not truly be happy with or are sure you need. A travel agents insurance is always more costly than if you book your own. But the one thing that is totally on your side is that your money is protected by ATOL or ABTA.


    DIY (Do It yourself) – The craze for DIY holidays has become a bug that most people get bitten by at least once during their lives. By searching all over the internet and comparing prices you can book the holiday of your dreams for a very small price. Some people get a buzz out of being in charge of every detail knowing you can go further, see more or do more during your trip for the same amount or less. The main draw back is the time and effort it takes to arrange your trip and the fact that you may not be ATOL or ABTA protected. It’s always best to double check.


    Last minute – There is for some a certain charm to turning up at the airport and putting yourself on standby. Not knowing where you are going or where you may end up is for some an extreme sport.  When you arrive at your surprise destination finding a hotel can be easy but can also be impossible, it all comes down to money or luck. This kind of extreme vacation is not everyone’s cup of tea but is something that should be experienced by everyone at least once in a lifetime. 


    What ever your style of shopping when thinking about your next holiday make sure you check out all of the options available to you before committing.  Prices are important but so its your time, make sure you are protected in some way so that if one of the firms goes bust you don’t end up stranded, and most of all enjoy it’s meant to be a holiday after all is said and done!