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  • Buying Flowers


    What ever the occasion shopping for flowers is always a pleasure for some and a nightmare for others. Not everyone is suited to buying another person flowers. Some people guess and with a stab in the dark get it right, other times they will get it horribly wrong! Getting it wrong will not only leave you feeling embarrassed but could land you in trouble with your significant other, family member or friend. Flowers are a very personalized thing, everyone is different and as such our tastes are individual. Where as one person will love red roses, but hate other colors, another person will love blue and hate red ones! It’s all a matter of personalized taste. If that were not hard enough for the novice flower buyer, every occasion and season is dictated by different species and color.


    If you go into your local florist and chat with them about the occasion that you have in mind, they will more than usually be able to steer you in the right direction, pick and make you up a beautiful bouquet. You can also do this over the phone, telephone your local florist and tell them who the flowers are for and why. They will then ask you your price range, make you something up and even deliver it for you. On line florists have a similar system; you can browse their website which hosts a wide range of pre-order bouquets that are tailored to fit any budget, occasion and taste. Then after payment is taken will ask you where you want them delivered.


    Basic Bouquets can cost as little as twenty Dollars but can go up thousands depending on the cost of the flowers and the arrangements. A good average size Bouquet costs around forty Dollars. More elaborate centre pieces such as wedding flowers can triple the normal asking price as the florist has to book a single time window, ignoring all other normal daily clients just to be able to complete all of the masterpieces on the day. Wedding flowers start at five hundred Dollars, and that is for a very simple arrangement. Think big and you get big prices!


    Most people when they think of flowers think of babies, weddings, valentines and funerals. These are the most common but birthdays, anniversaries, special days (mothering Sunday) and “just because” are catching up on the more traditional flower buying occasions. Flowers will always cheer someone up when they are feeling down and are often the choice made when apologizing to a significant other although you shouldn’t have to be bought flower just because your partner has done something wrong! Any day will do!


    Traditional flowers are now becoming a less and less called for item as new and exciting grown to order flowers are created in Holland, UK and US. New techniques can create almost any color size and texture that you want in any flower. They come already waxed, dipped, pruned, multi colored and even sparkly, in today’s age anything is possible.