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  • ElectronicsCommunity
    Websites related to electronics, PDP, LCD, telemetics, mobile phones, DVD, optical storage, digital TV, PlayStation, PS2, PSP, PlayStation 2, games, hardware, software, electronics, computers, digital imaging, televisions, TV, home audio, accessories, camcorders, memory stick, portable audio, mobile products, telephones, cellular phones, cell phones, home entertainment, VCR, notebooks, laptop, HDTV, video, vaio, wega, walkman, discman, cybershot, AIBO, DVD, DVD dream system, projectors, cameras, plasma screens, lcd screens, movies, columbia pictures, entertainment, screen gems, Sony pictures

  • Cool Gadgets
    Obsessed with cool gadgets? Your are definitely not alone! See the impact these gadgets have on our lives and the advancements that are being made daily right here in this community that is dedicated to all the cool gadgets around today.
    There is no better place for those of us who love cool gadgets and can't get enough of them. Have a look around and see for yourself.

  • GPS and Gadgets
    How did we ever get along without our own car GPS? This community is where you willfind allkinds of cool GPS brands and models and other gadgets. You can also use this to find any  information you need on GPS'.
    Have a look around our community and and see what you can find. And if you're not sure what you're looking for, then here are a few of the most popular choices: GPS for Whistler WGPX-550 GPS Navigation Systems, GPS Tracking Systems. How about Garmin, Magellan, GPS Watches, Handheld, Potable, Car, Auto, Vehicle, GPS Phone, Aviation, Dog Collars, M

  • Robot Building Community
    Remember when Robots were just a fantasy or something you saw on TV? These days anyone can have their own robot! That's what this community is all about - robot building!
    This community has everything that you need for building your own robot. Find one for sale or buy a robot kit to build your own. We'vegot all kinds of information and kits to help you build your own robotand we offer you access to all that you need and even robots for sale.

  • For the Atomic Clock Collectors
    If you collect clocks then have a browse around this community which is sure to have something that interests you.
    Use our community to chat with others collectors or even to find some great deals on Atomic Clock, Clocks, Watches for Sale. We're a great source for brands likemSeiko, Skyscan, Scientific, Projection Atomic Clocks. Find it all here from La Crosse Technology, Temperature Atomic Clock to Talking Atomic Clocks and Watches. Enjoy!

  • Kindle
    Amazons Amazing Kindle. For electronic Books, download and read anywhere.

  • telephone cellular daftar harga hp ponsel bekas
    satellite telephone cellular daftar harga hp ponsel bekas baru gsm cdma telkomsel indosat simpati as mentari barometer harga ponsel dan pusat informasi penjualan ponsel baru dan ponsel bekas, ponsel

  • Digital Electronics
    Digital Cameras,Computer Games,Camcorders,radar dectectors,and any other electronics items

  • Consumer Electronics: Shopping for Gadgets

    For the past few generations we have all been enthralled by our TVs and the programs that we watch on them. Because of the craze that they have created since their invention they have become one of the more loved electrical that we own. Also likewise because of this the TV has become so technologically advanced that it has new features and software pretty much every week added to it. The choice to upgrade your TV can be quite a mine field as you are completely spoilt for choice on an ever growing list of things it can do thanks to the advances in consumer electronics.

    One of the first things to do is decide exactly what you want you’re new TV to do. Do you want it to be HD ready, intelligent color design, Plasma or even be able hook it up to your computer and use it as a monitor? Or do you just want one that you can hook up to your digital or cable receiver and isn’t complicated in the details or software? Most people although they love fancy gadgets want to go for a TV that isn’t too complicated to work but gives them a good quality picture to watch. We live in an age where life is so much in the fast lane that we don’t have time to learn to much about how things work we want to be able to press just one button and it work. So do you have a brand in mind or are you just up to trying anything? Most people will choose one or two brands and stick to them for most of their lives like Sony or Samsung. Others go by the just price and the features alone. The choice is up to you, it is the better option to try and compare them all.

    Type into your search engine and bring up the most common and up to date features of TVs. This way you can see how much technology has progressed and decide which features are a “must have” and what features are a “would like to have”, these features are not essential but preferred. Now re-look at your list, compare one side with the other, do you really need a plasma screen, or will a good rear projection be enough for you? Most people will find that buying a rear projection is more than enough for their needs where as others due their passion or jobs do need something a bit more technical and a statement piece like a plasma screen, but do you? Next decide on a price, we all have a budget and the idea is to shop smart and buy the TV we want at a price we can afford.

    The next step is easy, as you have done all of the ground work already. Most people like to at this stage use an internet comparison site as a tool to get the best price and/or deal around. Some others though prefer at this stage to leave the computer alone and hit the local shops themselves as more often than not you can haggle with the clerk behind the desk to get a better price, you can’t do that with a computer! But for those that are not comfortable doing this a day surfing the internet is a better idea.