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  • EtsyKids
    This is the community for EtsyKids member blogs. EtsyKids sellers feature great handmade stuff for kids and babies!

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    BabyCommunity welcomes all baby related sites as well as anyone with a personal website interested in Babies! Baby Clothing,Baby Toys, Baby Gifts,Parenting resources, firstbabymall, nursery, gifts, infant, toys, expectant mothers, new parents, pregnancy articles, childbirth, product features, crib, stroller, bottle, bassinet, changing table, decor, furniture, maternity, children's clothing, babies, labor, birth, manufacturers websites, suppliers, gifts, custom, specialty items

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    Websites related to Children ,Children's Clothes,childrens clothing ,Childrenswear,childrens apparel,Children's Clothing, childrens clothing, girls dress clothes, boys dress clothes, traditional infants' and children's clothing, designer children's clothing, preemie clothes, girls half sizes, girls plus sizes, unique baby gifts, kids clothes, christening gowns, christening communion baptism clothes, infant & toddler outfits, infant clothes, Infant Clothes, Toddler & Children's Clothing And Newborn Outfits, infant toddler & children's apparel & accessories, brother sister

  • EtsyBaby
    We are a group of Etsy Sellers that specialize in high quality baby items. (Nursery Decor, accessories, clothing,gifts) *All hand crafted*

  • For the American Girl Fans
    Love the American Girls dolls? Well you're not alone.This community is devoted to others like you who are all about the American Dolls.
    You can chat with others who collect American Dolls or use the community to find link to American Girl Dolls for Sale, New and Used American Girl Dolls and stuff like American Girl Doll Clothes, Patterns, Books, Movies, Magazine and Accessories. No matter what you're looking for, you're bound to find it right here in this fun little community.

  • Making Memories with A Baby Footprint Kit
    Making memories with a Baby Footprint Kit or Baby Handprint Kit is just one of the great things you can do to celebrate the birth of your baby. You can find all your Ink and Plaster Baby Footprint and Hand print Kits here in this wonderful community and much more.
    If you're looking for a place that celebrates parenthood like no other than this is it!

  • Bows, Headbands, Clippies
    These sites offer childern's bows, headbands, and clippies.
  • ETSY
    When painting a nursery visit Etsy to find great additions to a baby nursery.

  • Surviving Shopping with Children

    When you are really busy it is sometimes necessary to take your children shopping but this doesn’t always have to be a dreaded experience.  Small babies are probably the easiest to shop with since they sleep so often and are not able to run around.  It is also helpful that they are often entertained by simple things such as watching people and looking at bright signs.  It is also hard to resist getting a cute little outfit for the baby when you are out since their clothes can be reasonably priced.  As children get older it gets a little more challenging to shop with them until they are in their pre-teen years and want to go shopping with you, but then you often end up spending more time looking for things they want and spending more money than you wanted to.

    Toddlers need constant stimulation and entertainment and often have difficulty on long shopping trips because of this.  When you need to shop with a toddler try to plan your shopping trip when they need to sleep if the child will sleep in a stroller.  This way you will be able to make it through more stores or aisles without cries for attention.  If you must go when they are awake or if they are not likely to sleep in a stroller then you need to do a little more planning.  First of all, don’t go when they are sick or cranky.  It is best to go right after a nap and a meal if possible.  This way they are well rested with a full belly.  Bring several toys to keep them entertained and rotate them when they are bored.  Toys that can clip onto a stroller or shopping buggy would be best since they won’t end up on the floor or lost.  Some babies and smaller toddlers love being in a baby carrier where they are closer to the parent, also a great tool for Daddies to bond with the baby.

    Regardless of the age, talk to the child or children while you are shopping, even if they can’t talk back.  It will make it a more positive experience for them if they feel included and it provides additional stimulation and variety.  Ask them what they think of the shoes you are looking at, talk to them about prices or show them how to pick out fruit and veggies at the grocery store.  Children can be a joy to shop with if you teach them how to behave appropriately from a young age.  It is also a good opportunity to teach them that they can’t have everything they want, even if they have a temper tantrum.  If they start to cry and wine about something that they want, explain why if they are old enough to understand.  It usually isn’t long before they give up and they will know for the next time that a temper tantrum isn’t going to get them what they want.  Whatever the age of the children, try to make it fun for them and it will make the task much easier.