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  • Online Bookshop NetRing
    The "Online Bookshop NetRing" is for websites that feature online bookshops & bookstores and other sites that sell books. Associates and affiliates are welcome. If you have a webpage about selling books, join today. If you have more than one, you may add all of them!

  • LDS Authors, Artisans, Musicians, Actors & Filmmakers Community
    This community promotes the work and websites of LDS related authors,artisans, filmmakers and musicians. You are free to join, but your site must adhere to the standards and practices of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Come Aboard!

  • BookStrand
    BookStrand is an online e-book retailer and distributor selling erotic romance, mainstream romance and general fiction from major publishing houses as well as from other independent e-publishers. Under its own imprint, BookStrand Publishing publishes twelve high-quality titles each month.

  • Ebooks
    Al about Ebooks Free ebooks, Resell Rights, Master Resell Rights. Private Rights.

  • Shopping for Books Online or In-Store

    Books are an excellent source of entertainment and now come in several different formats making them more accessible to everyone.    There are always the traditional paper books that come in either hard cover or soft.  Hard cover books are classic and tend to be how many publishers initially release new publications since they are more expensive and they can make more money.  People who don’t want to wait will pay the higher cost of the hard cover books, but they may also like the fact that the hard cover lasts longer.  Some people also prefer the look of a hard cover book since they tend to look more formal and classic.  Soft cover books are widely available and are usually less expensive and smaller, often making them a top choice for people who read a lot or travel with their book.  Both  hard a soft cover books will often have a colorful picture on the front and a brief description on the back or inside cover telling you what the general story will be about.  It is always recommended that you read this brief outline to make sure you will enjoy the content and that it is what you are looking for.  Traditional books can be purchased online or at a book or department store.  You are often able to find a number of great reasonably priced books at garage sales and flea markets, a great option if you read a lot.

    Books on CD or cassette have become popular and are a great way to pass the time on a road trip or to listen to on a day at the beach.  This is a great took that will help you use your time for more than one thing allowing you to squeeze in reading about your favorite topic or keeping up with your favorite author.  You can purchase books in this format, but they tend to be pricy so it’s better to rent them from a specialized store for a fee or even the public library where they would be no charge unless you return them late.  You may need to reserve certain titles ahead of time at the public library since they have many people looking for books in this format all the time.  This option is excellent for most people, but especially those who have limited vision or for people who are not great readers who still enjoy a good story.

    It has also become popular for people to download books and stories from the internet.  Without even leaving home you are able to transfer a whole story to your computer and you can either burn it to a disk or have it loaded to an iPod or MP3 player.  This is a great choice for people who are technically inclined and who have limited space to store hard and soft cover books once they are finished. 

    With so many book options available it has really opened up reading options to so many people.  What a great way to expand your knowledge.