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  • Shopcheap Auction Network
    This community is for any auction site that is part of the ShopCheap Auction Network. Free to list auctions, free to create your own auction community, get commissions, Control over your front page of auction & your forum. Many network sites still haven't joined yet. If you want to be part of this community, please submit your site.

  • Auction Dollies
    Welcome to Auction Dollies! Are you addicted to buying and or selling auctions? Well then, this is the place for you! This community is intended for people who love auctions. Any auction sites are welcome in this community. Join now to promote your current listings here!

  • Winnipeg Auction Sellers
    If you are in the Winnipeg Manitoba area and sell on internet auctions you are welcome to join us. Due to spammer applications the following has been added. If your site is not on line, and/or not related to the community purpose, don't waste your time and mine.

  • FAAB - Friends At Auction Boutique
    Great Friends, Honest Sellers, Quality Customer Service... The Way Auction Selling Was Meant To Be!

  • AuctionCommunity
    People interested in Auctions, auction website, Ebay,Ebay Auctions,Bargain property, bargain finder, buy and sell online, buy sell motorcycles, buying land, cheap cars, commercial property, commercial real estate, sell products, onlineAuction, auction,online auction,online auctions, computer auction,ubid,you bid,bids,bidding,computer, onsale, zauction, webauction, firstauction, first auction, deal, deals, shopping, shop

  • AussieBid Sellers
    A community to promote the unique stores of AussieBid sellers within a supporting framework.

  • Michael Joseph Jackson
    find Michael Jackson memorabilia. Buy it now and auctions end soon

  • Getting What You Want With Auctions


    You wouldn’t think off hand to try auctions as an everyday way to shop since most of us have only heard of auctions that are high end and limited to valuable estate items or cars! What you don’t realize is that in today’s world access to auctions is instant and available 24 hours a day AND they are no longer limited to hoity-toity collector’s items!


    The world of auctions is very different today in every way. While you can still scope out some incredible live auctions, the availability of auctions online has become so vast that you may never need to actually set foot in an auction in order to enjoy the thrill that auctions have to offer—not to mention the amazing deals. Think of eBay for instance; that is by far the biggest online auction with the broadest selection. Merchants’ place items online with a starting bid rate and the items are up for bid until the bidding period ends and the highest bidder wins the item. So easy! And to think that’s just one of the many few auctions online!


    Internet auctions have become the best way to get your hands on ANYTHING you crave, at great prices without even having to leave the house. It’s no wonder that in-store sales dropped drastically over the holidays these last few years. Why fight the crowds for shopping deals when you can do it from your sofa??


    Online auctions offer anything and everything that you could possibly be on the market for. Things like: clothing, jewelry, computers and accessories, books and music, gift items…the list goes on. While some people make their living being online merchants, anyone can post items up for bid for a small fee which is why the stuff up for grabs is of such an eclectic mix. This is by far the best way to get your hands on some truly unique items as well, that’s for sure!


    If you decide to forgo your next trip to the malls to give auctions a try, here is a little advice for you. Be willing to take your time. There is so much merchandise available that you will definitely benefit from taking the time to really browse as much as you can so that you get exactly what you want. Next, it’s easy to get carried away by the strange little rush that comes from getting into a little bidding war with another buyer. While you can set your maximum price and let the system bid on your behalf so you don’t have to sit by the computer, it isn’t hard to get caught up in the moment if you happen to log on in the final moments of the auction. Don’t let yourself go over what you can actually afford or want to spend—it’ll defeat the purpose of trying to score a better deal than what you could in-store!


    A little time to peruse the auction listings, a budget, a computer and a good head is all you need to get the deals you want using auctions. Happy Shopping!