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  • Shopping MALL Shop Community
    The "Shopping MALL Shop Community" is for websites selling all types of accessories at retail on the Internet. If you have a webpage for selling accessories, join today! The community navigation code must be added to your webpage you register with before membership is approved! Please add the community code soon after application. If you do not want to add the community code to your webpage, please do not apply! Thanks!

  • Handbags and Purses Here!
    Are you a Gucci gal or is Juicy Couture more your style? Whatever you crave, you can find the best purses, handbags at the best deals right here in this community for people who love purses!
    Use this community as your go-to place for the best deals on handbags and pruses from all designers.Think of it! You can find Prada, Coach, Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and so many other designer bags and purses right here! Don't you just love it??

  • Sunglasses Community
    When you buy sunglasses you're getting way more than just sun protection! Whether you're a Prada, Gucci or Coach fan or enjoy the classic Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses, you can find what you like right here in this community.
    This community, which is all about sunglasses, is the bets online source for sunglasses of all kinds, including some of the best known designer sunglasses. You can buy sunglasses here like aviators or polarized sunglasses in all styles and price points. Whatever you need or want, we have it here.

  • For Fashion Vixens ONLY!
    For creators of jewelry and small accessory items provided to people worldwide. If you are a creator/designer of jewelry or small accessories please join! Outside USA WELCOMED!!! Come Shop, Visit, Discuss, Show off, Brag a bit. Enjoy New Stuff, Showcases of New Items.

  • Cell Phone Goodies!
    If you love your cell phones and gadgets and love all the goodies that go with them like skkins, cases and covers then this community is for you. We're all about cell phone accessories here - especially the kind that make our phones look great while protecting them.
    Look here to find stuff like the Motorola KRZR Cases, Covers, Faceplates, Skins, Housing and more. You can also buy the Motorola KRZR Phone here too. Choose from White, Red, Pink, Black, Silver, Blue, Leather or whatever you like.

  • Cellphone Accessories
    Cellphone Accessories at Wholesale Pricing.

  • The World of InfinityMC
    Infinite and Instant, Zazzle is the only on-demand retail platform for consumers and major brands, offering billions of retail quality, one-of-a-kind products shipped within 24 hours. Offering the largest library of customizable digital images from world-class brands, Zazzle enables content owners to unlock their entire libraries of content, making it available for purchase and customization by consumers. Through Zazzle's innovative on-demand retail and technology platform, users can instantly create, customize to fit their personal style, purchase and sell a near infinite array of produc

  • Shopping for Accessories

    Accessories can really turn something plain and dull into something that is the talk of the town! When looking to buy accessories for your home you should try to keep to one theme in each room with something that connects them with a flow making it easy on the eye. Watching style programs on the TV can help, reading magazines and taking inspiration from friend’s houses can really make a difference. Most people go it alone but for every one person that gets it wrong there are three that get it right and end up with a fantastic looking home that they are very proud of.

    You can buy accessories from almost anywhere, online, thrift shops, garage sales, car boot sales and in the local stores. Most expensive accessories can be copied and made up from other items to look the same as the expensive one. Some stores have picked up on this and now provide their customers with less expensive copies that compliment your home without breaking the bank. Buying too many accessories can make your house look too busy and over crowded. The way to avoid this is to buy furniture that is an investment and timeless. These investment pieces can be dressed with accessories to enhance their natural beauty and when you change your mind and throw out the accessories and change your style the investment pieces will still be there waiting to be dressed again in the new fashion. They really are worth while buying. Certain  collectables are a must have when it come to accessories that dress your home and are worth spending that little bit more on. Browse your way through the local store, on line auction sites and other shops to feed your imagination do that you can find inspiration that will help you decide on the theme for the accessories. Once you have decided on your theme as I said before, don’t go over the top as it will look terrible. Choose some large pictures to suit your new look and match certain colors to them in your fabrics. Cushions are something that you can chop and change at will; some people buy the fabrics for their cushions from oddments, making the cost of making them yourself practically nothing. Choose a color from them to match the curtains and wall color whilst at the same time making sure that all the colors you have picked are co-habiting together peacefully.  It is said that choosing a maximum of two colors to style with is the best way to style your home. One is the base color and one is the accent color. The accent color is used to highlight the best parts of your home, again do not over do it. Ornaments and nick knacks are best placed in groups of three or five. Your antiques if you have any play an important roll in the styling of your home as they can be used to help set off the accessories that you have brought to style up your home.