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    The "Books About Science NetRing" was established to bring together websites featuring books about Science, Technology, Engineering, Nature, Medicine and other sci-tech topics, including publishing, reviewing, bibliographies, or selling. If you have a webpage about science books, join today! If you have more than one, you may add them all.

  • Blogs: Giving the Publications of Today’s Society A Run For Their Money

    Even before they learn to read and write the children of today already dream of becoming bloggers. They use the PC so skillfully that every average secretary, working in a small or middle company, could only dream of their know-how. Except staring at the monitor all day long, playing Counter Strike with their classmates and chatting in ICQ and Skype; modern teenagers actively express their own opinion online. Do you know what I mean? I mean blogs, of course! It is blogs which have now become society’s publications of choice.


    Nowadays every self-respected individual, who is able to use the PC mouse, possesses and maintains a blog of his own. Please, don’t mix up blog with block although the difference is quite subtle indeed. The better part of the city population in Bulgaria could be easily classified as block-population or in other words population, who lives mainly and predominantly in suburban multistory buildings with questionable quality and even more questionable architectural value. But only a few of us /especially those over 40/ has the right to call themselves bloggers. Bloggers are those chosen by destiny individuals, for which to express their own opinion, to defend their own position and to share it with the unlimited circle of inhabitants of the Global Internet space is like air and water for every living creature. In other words bloggers are the vigilant conscience of the multistory online block, in which we all live. They are a kind of Internet house managers, who regularly place informational notes above the letter boxes, keep the front door always locked and the electric bulb in the corridor always switched on.


    In general bloggers are people who have something to share. Usually they are writers, musicians, painters, web designers, political activists, students with strong society conscience, ecologists, vegetarians, spinsters on a hunt for a husband, ordinary grousers if you prefer and all kinds of nuts. Blog is a social online space, which is strictly private and inviolable and at the same times an open forum – place for meetings, exchanging opinions, comments, remarks and even insulting qualifications. Blog is like a private Roman agoraa small personal Hyde Park, where everyone is free to publish his own position, declare his own opinion or make his own accusations. ­Blog is a place, where you can gather followers for a certain cause and share their blogs with the regular visitors of your own blog.


    Many of the popular Internet portals offer the option “Create blog” where every registered visitor can use the ready templates and create his own blog literally for a couple of minutes.

    In simple words blog is the contemporary lexicon, in which you can invite your friends and acquaintances to share their opinion on a certain subject and leave you something like a souvenir. Blog is your personal website, where you can say “Hello” to your neighbors from the Global space. Blog is your private online apartment, which you are free to furnish the way you like, invite whoever you like in it and behave as you damn well wish to behave. That’s why most of the teenagers today dream of becoming bloggers when they grow up. The reason is simpleblog is a place where a man is absolutely free to be himself, to express his opinion, to share his art, to find friends, to say that he is pissed off or in love. Blog means free liberty, free online home, where there is a room for everybody. I mean it – indeed everybody. Blog is the perfect hippie commune…


    So make blogs, not war.