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    Technology is the wide concept dealing with animal species' practice and awareness of crafts and tools, and how it influences an animal species' capability to manage and adjust to its surroundings. Technology can also refer to material objects of use to humankind, like machines, utensils or hardware, however could also include wider themes, comprising systems, techniques of organization, and methods. The word can either be functional normally or to particular areas: examples comprise "construction technology", "state-of-the-art technology" or "medical technology".


    The human race's use of knowledge started with the change of natural resources to simple tools. The pre historical invention of the capability to manage fire augmented the obtainable resources of food as well as the creation of wheel assisted humans in traveling in plus controlling their surroundings. Current technological developments, comprising the printing press, telephone, as well as the Internet, have pointed physical obstacles to communication and permitted humans to interrelate on a worldwide scale. Though, not all technology is used for calm purposes; the growth of weapons of rising negative power has developed all through history, from clubs to the nuclear weapons.


    Technology has influenced society as well as its environs in numerous ways. In a lot of societies, technology has facilitated expand more superior economies (comprising today's worldwide economy) as well as has permitted the increase of a relaxation class. A lot of technical processes create surplus by-products, recognized as pollution, as well as reduce natural resources, to detriment of Earth and its surroundings. A variety of implementations of the technology control the principles of a civilization and new technology usually raises new principled questions. Examples comprise the rise of notion of competence in terms of individual productivity, a phrase initially applied just to machines, as well as the challenge of conventional norms.


    Philosophical debates have happened over the current and upcoming utilize of technology in civilization, with differences over if the technology develops the individual condition or deteriorates it. Anarcho-primitivism, neo-Luddism, , as well as related movements condemn pervasiveness of technology in contemporary world, declaring that it damages the surroundings as well as alienates people; supporters of ideologies like transhumanism as well as techno-progressivism outlook continued technological growth as helpful to the civilization and human condition. Certainly, until lately, it was supposed that the growth of technology was limited only to the individuals, however current technical studies specify that other primates as well as certain dolphin societies have developed easy tools plus learned to pass their awareness to other age group.



    Generally Technology is a relationship that civilization has with its crafts and tools, plus to what level society could control its surroundings. The Merriam-Webster vocabulary proffers a description of the word: "the useful application of awareness particularly in a specific area" and "an ability given by practical application of awareness". The word is usually used to entail a particular ground of technology, or referring to high technology or only consumer electronics, more willingly than technology as one.