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  • Pro-Antagonist
    A community for for people who love the "bad guys" of entertainment and literature.

  • community paginas de maryel
    community de paginas realizadas por Maryel Mendiola

  • Anneau des pompiers francophones
    promovoir et relier les trés nombreux sites francophones dédiés aux pompiers

  • EVP/After Death Communication
    Sites that deal with Electronic Voice Phenomena, or any type of 'After-Death Communication'. Mediums, Spiritualists, Channelers, Paranormal Investigators and any site that deals with communicating with 'the other side'.

  • Queensland Genealogy
    To assist anyone researching ancestors originating from Queensland, Australia

  • Birthday Party
    If you like to spoil others on their birthday or like to be spoiled on your birthday, this is the community for you.

  • SocioCyberForum
    Anyone interested in the social systems theory is welcome to join and share interest in a systems approach to understanding the world.

  • .: p i n k h a i r :.
    A community for people who love pink hair.

  • The Fantasy Community!
    This community is for those of you who love fantasy and desided to design a fantasy site dedicated to your love for fantasy

  • stars
    This community is for infant loss memorial sites.Must be a tribute to a child, preferably 1 and under. NO PRO CHOICE sites will be allowed.

  • Sjuttiotalisternas community
    En svensk community för er som är födda 1970-1979.

  • INTP community
    Uniting sites by INTP's and pages about this unique personality type.

  • Shop Til You Drop Community
    For the shopoholic and for those who enjoy shopping and looking for bargins. You can have your own store, mall, auction site, or personal site to join this great community..but hurry before you drop..lol

  • Kinky Pandas
    If you are gentle on the outside and love to whip them hard on the inside, this is the community for you.

  • DAnime Isle Fairy Community
    Uniting the Fairies and Wee Ones of the DAnime Isle team at the Site Fights

  • The NormalBLARGs Community
    The blog community for regular people.

  • Memorial to Our Loved Ones
    Sites made with love, in memory of our loved ones.

  • glamgoddess
    a lot of glam bitches{;}

  • ElfiesCorner
    Community to connect the pages of the Elfies Corner Mailgroup.

    We are a friendly paranormal discussion board.{;}If you would like to join a community, to discuss all things about the paranormal, aliens, witchcraft, science theories, philosophy or more.. then please join us, its free!

  • Bruises on the Inside
    Bruises on the Inside: A community for awareness of mental cruelty in schools.

  • UFO Community
    a Community for people who believe we're not alone in the universe.

  • Legendary Community
    Community of the Site Fights Team

  • The Wall Community
    This community is exclusively for people who have put a name up on The Wall.

  • KMC's Place Friends On The Net Community
    A community where people can link together and make new friends.

  • Hot Like Fire
    A community for any fansite! come join now.

  • without you, i'm nothing
    a community for those in love, or just those who love placebo.

    For sites whose mistresses/masters feel defy categorization.

  • We Are Proud To Be Native Americans
    This community is for anyone who is proud of thier Native American Background.{;}Here is where we unite as one again and learn and share with each other.

  • Creative Visions
    A community to link some of the most creative sites on the web.

  • I Hate Times New Roman
    If you think Times New Roman is the UGLIEST font ever created, join this community.

  • A Place To Be (AP2B)
    A Place To Be is a fun Palace Chat Room for anyone who likes to chat. We have lots of props aw well. Please stop by and check us out.

  • Findlay SUCKS Community
    This community can include any site that can relate to the Findlay SUCKS website or any site that likes the Findlay SUCKS website.

  • Castle Valerian
    A safe haven from the evil knights of the outer realm

  • Young Parents
    This is for pregnant teens and teens who already have children. Even if you're not a pregnant teen or parent be supportive!!!

  • Home Haunters Of America
    Home Haunters Of America Community

  • Learning To Live Again
    In everyone's life there are tests. These tests determine who we are. How we survive is sometimes a story of its own that must be told to help those who are searching for the answers. Our stories are important. Sometimes we get so caught up in our own lives that we don't realize that we can reach out to others just by, shacommunity our experiences, so they can learn from what we've done. This is the community that binds together these stories. The stories of our strengths, courage, hope, hard work, and yes, and even our mistakes. The Learning To Live Again Community was created on July 22,199

  • Non Custodial Parents Hearts of Love
    A community to bcommunity together non-custodial parents who ARE NOT deadbeats, who love their kids and who need friendship and support as we miss our kids!

  • i procrastinate
    a community for those who procrastinate...all the time

  • Vanilla Coke Logs
    A community for online journals belonging to people who *LOVE* Vanilla Coke!

  • Parents United
    The Parents United Community helping parents everywhere connect, share and help each other!

  • Any Page Community
    A community for anyone with a webpage. We link your page to many others to get new visitors to you site. We will accept most sites except for those containing illegal content. Thanks!

  • American Sign Language Community
    Community for people who want to learn american sign language (ASL)

  • Leaky Cauldron Kitchen
    For all our culinary experts that have contributed to the Wizard's Quest Leaky Cauldron Inn Cookbook.

  • - - - -be random
    a community for random sites, personal, fan, whatever

  • Hell Cat
    A community for sassy kittens, devil girls, and rockabetties - and for the guys who can't get enough of them!

  • WOMB Women Opposed to Male Bashing
    For women who understand that responsibility comes with rights and don't wish to emasculate men to achieve their own sense of self worth

  • Land of Enchantment
    This is for people who's sites are magickal in some way. A gateway to Enchanted Lands.

  • Dare to be different-Community
    This is a community for all people who support the DYDD campaign (Dare to be yourself, dare to be different), it contains personal as well as fan and other sites.

  • Secret Society
    We're watching you
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