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  • God Bless America and her friends
    This community will link together patriotic sites including POW sites, memorial sites, (such as World Trade Center) and military sites.

  • Twinkling Twilight Fairies Circle
    The *Twinkling Twilight Fairies Circle* is a community dedicated to those who love Fairies and believe in Fantasy. It is open for all sites containing information about mythical creatures such as Angels, Elves, Fairies or Mermaids. If you are a Spirit Fairy, a Wee One or a true Fairy Lover, please join!

  • Always In My Heart
    This community is for anyone who had a memorial page or site for someone who has passed away. The loved one may be anyone--a friend, a pet, a parent or child, anyone at all. This community is for personal sites only. Commercial memorial sites need not apply.

  • We're Still Moms
    This community is for sites dedicated to the loss of an infant whether to SIDS,StillBirth, or other infant death. NO PRO CHOICE sites will be allowed. Other Communitys as long as it its a infant loss site that meets our requirements.

  • Republican Community
    This is a community for ALL Republicans - personal, campaign, candidate fan sites, party organizations, vendors and others welcome!

  • Dreaming on Wings of Fantasy
    Do you believe in fantasy? Are you dreaming of lands where dragons and unicorns roam, sweet fairies and mermaids happily play? Then you are welcome to join this circle! Your website theme should be fantasy oriented and well done. No commercial sites allowed!

  • iCeBloG
    Skemmtilegt íslenskt blogg!

  • Christmas Magic
    The place where the members are the decision makers of this community. When you surf this community, know that the webpages are produced by prowd members, and therefore has few broken sites. Read all about the rights you have as a member at the community homepage.{;}{;}

  • Scorpio
    THE SCORPIO BLOG RING!!! We're Scorpios, and proud of it! For those Scorpios (and Scorpios only) that maintain a blog (weblog) in cyber space. No commercial sites, no hate, no illegal material.

  • Hearts Across the Internet
    This Community was created to join like-minded people together. It is about love, hope and peace all over the world. It is about what you make of life and how much you put into it This Community is for love which blossomed on the net Or love of your children. Love of all people. So share a bit of sunshine with everyone you know. Reach out across the miles and grab a hand. We are all God's children, we are all the same. {;}

  • I Made Legend
    All members of Stormy's Legends can join the community...

  • Banners and Free Server Community
    This is a community dedicated to free servers with pop ups or banners! I know how annoying it is to join communitys while being on a free server, so I made this community for the rest of us @ Envy, Virtue, Angelfire, AOL, anywhere! (domains also welcome)

  • The Political Science and Politics Community
    The community is designed for sites that have a political science, politics, or government content. No racist sites allowed!! Sites can include everything from campaign sites to research and opinion sites.

  • The Web Truck Stop's Trucking Community
    This is a website for truckers, ex-truckers, their families and anyone in general interested in the life of a trucker in general.

  • not.a.bimbo
    This is a community for those people out there who are witty and fun, and who can think and feel. No bimbos, please.

  • Jana's Jubilee of Adoptions
    This community is for members of Jana's Jubilee of Adoptions. You collect and you respect!

  • Friendships Formed by Moms Online
    This community is designed for those moms who are looking for friendships formed online!!!!!

  • Qualitative Research
    The Qualitative Research Community is of particular interest to graduate students and faculty interested in all aspects of qualitative research.

  • ..:Bubblelicious Sweetiez:..
    ~*This Community is 4 people who luv to collect cartoon dollz. If u luv cartoon dollz, then this community is 4 u! If you luv cute stuff, this community is 4 u! If you respect other webmistresses like yourself, than this is the community 4 u! Become a Bubblelicious Sweetie 2day!

  • Caffeinated
    A community for those who can't live without their caffeine.

  • The Jennifer Community
    A Community for all Jennifers, Jennys, Jennis, Jennies, Jenns, Jens, Guiniveres (not Gwen, different derivative), Genevieves or Sinéads.

  • MO
    Mobiles Online. A community for people who can't live without their mobile phone=)

  • Angel Stars
    For memorials of loved ones lost of any age or for any reason. May we learn what is most important in life and learn from others. We will never forget those we love.

  • Women & Dragons Community
    A community uniting women who have a love of dragons

  • I'm A Survivor
    A place for survivors of any kind of abuse. A place for friendship, a shoulder to lean on, someone to talk to.

  • Our Babies Forever
    This community is dedicated to our infant children who have left us due to stillbirth, SIDS or other infant death related.{;}NO PRO CHOICE ALLOWED.{;}{;}other infant loss communitys will be allowed as long as its not a PRO CHOICE community

  • I Love Socks
    if you love socks, you're welcome here, my friend

  • The Pet Peeves Community
    A place where you can let everyone know what your Pet Peeves are.

  • Vågen - för oss som vågar!
    Vågen är en NätVåg av empati... Vågen består av en samling hemsidor som öppet vågar visa känslor.{;}Sidor som berör, berättar om levnadsöden, om kamp mot sjukdommar och nöd, men även om glädjeämnen, om hur man övervinner det svåra, om saker och personer som betyder mycket för den som berättar...om våra älskade barn...om...{;}Ingen går ifrån Vågen oberörd!!!

  • Sand Between My Toe's
    The Beach is a great place where friends & family meet for good times, relaxation, shacommunity & cacommunity. This is the theme for 'Sand Between My Toes'. This community has zero tolerance to online scammers. This community unites the creative websites of men and women on the net. Once you become a member you will be given access to member areas. I hope you form some wonderful friendships!

  • FightTheLeft
    A conservative community designed to fight the destructive lies of the left with fact, logic, common sense and history. Mostly all issues are covered and many informational links as well. Power is knowledge. And knowledge is freedom. We must do all we can to counter the liberal lies in order to preserve our freedom.

  • Fire Department
    The Fire Department Community was started in July 1997. It is for anyone who has a Fire Department Web Page and to allow people to find each other and visit some great homepages as well.

  • Chaos
    This Community needs no description for it is Chaos . . . anything you wish it to be. In general, any site qualifies for inclusion in this community.{;}

  • Far Away
    A community for all of those who live in their own far off world..

  • SAHM
    A community dedicated to Stay At Home Moms, where you can show off our families and brag! Families that stay home to care for their children, some of who might be ill, suffecommunity, or missing etc.

  • Peace Be Ours

    Peace Be Ours.... This community is for ANYONE whom would like to show their pride, support and faith in the United States of America. "United we stand!"

  • The League of INFP
    A secret cabal consisting of writers whose Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (or the equivalent, e.g., Keirsey Temperament) is INFP who through their weblogs plan to advance their nefarious goals to control the (Hey! Look at this website,
Community Category:Miscellaneous/Social Science

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I'm a Survivor!
We've been through the worst and we're still standing . . . a community for survivor's of all forms of domestic violence and abuse, including physical, emotional, verbal, etc. End domestic abuse . . . wear your battle scars proudly!

  • The Alien Community!
    This community is for all who love aliens, or have been abducted or what ever! We all know that the truth is out there, wouldn't you want to be apart of this community?

  • The Role Playing Community!
    Do you have a role Playing site? Do you have a game on your site and no one is playing it with you? Join our community and get the role Players to play with you and find your wonderful site! Do you have a role playing club? Join this community to help get you more members!

  • This Healing Journey
    This is a survivor community. Journal and my story sites are acceptable.

  • Unicorn Enchantress Fantasy Community
    This community is for all fantasy sites to get a bit more trafic. FANTASY SITES ONLY, it's purpose is to unite fantasy sites all over the net.

  • Cruelty Causes Cruelty
    Sites that address animal abuse, child abuse, and/or domestic violence are welcome to join. If you only have one page on a particular topic, you are welcome to join as long as the community is on the related page.

  • astral-bitch
    I love the night sky, the stars, the feeling of insignificance the sheer vastness of the universe gives you as you stare at the heavens, but I'm also a bitch. My heart weeps at the beauty in this world, and yet the cynic inside refuses to be brushed off for idle things. Perhaps that is why this community is called astral-bitch. A deep embittered bitchiness lives in us, and yet we know true beauty. We are the immortals.

  • After the Silence
    If you write creatively (poems, short stories) about, or have artwork reflecting topics such as abuse,{;} rape, self-mutilation, suicide, or mental health issues, etc, please feel free to join this community. This site{;} is specifically and exclusively for art and creative writing. Journal entry and my story sites WILL NOT be accepted if{;} they stand by themselves.

  • acid candy
    rock punk goth music writing journal - If you or your web page fit into any of these catagories concider joining. This community is basically for any person who wants to be in it.

  • Un Lapin
    Just a community for my friends. :D

  • Defending America
    This community is dedicated to uniting the Internet to provide uplifting support for our American and allied troops as the war on terrorism begins and continues.

  • Science in Society: Social Sciences Dissected


    The science in society has the purpose to support the development of effective and democratic contemporary society. The society should be based on long life learning and knowledge. It should stimulate the link between the science and the technology, to strengthen the interest of the citizens to the scientific and technological research and development. The social sciences will stimulate the more powerful role of the discoveries of the schools and universities and their engagement with the globalization challenges.


    The world is planning wider and bigger research studies based on the problems of sexual discrimination, in all possible areas and social problematic fields. Some specific actions in this direction are the financial stimulations of programs and projects, supported by governments in priority scientific fields. The society, the academic communities and their members should be engaged in a global discussion and clarification of political and social issues, including ethnical problems, debate for the place of the science in the contemporary life, the technologies development in the history, sociology and philosophy of the technology science.  The contemporary science and its results will help the society prosperity.


    Strengthening the science system globally is one of the major issues that have to be worked on. The World Wide Web is creating a potential, unlimited universe of recourses that will emphasize the development of the science in all possible aspects. The access to academic materials as scientific publications, research results, articles, books, magazines, everything should be easier, without any boundaries. More measures about protecting trade marks will be taken, as well as intellectual property and measures against frauds. The role of the women in the science should be equal to the men. This will change dramatically in the next few years. They will compete on equal basis, knowing the competitive nature of women.


    A better environment will increase the interest of the young people to the sciences by facilitating the means and the basis of receiving knowledge. The education will become easier and will be improved in all levels. Again the Internet will bring new opportunities for distance learning, which is cost effective for many people that can not pay the price of the universities. The information flow exchange will dramatically change by improving the relationship between the scientific society and the politicians, media channels and the citizens through stimulating the better communication and presentation of the research studies and results. The communication abilities of people will increase through out new ways of scientific approaches, base on discoveries.

    People should think more globally in order to solve problems and find solutions.


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