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  • Circle of Science Assessment
    A Circle for Assessiing Science as it Enters the Realm of Politics - Sorry, but due to a high volume of spam sites applying to membership for the community, and low activity of the community in general, I've closed it to new members. Anyone interested in resurrecting the community, or beginning it anew, are welcome to email me (Daniel).

  • Synergos-Science
    Anillo que reune los Blogs de personas interesadas por la ciencia en Espaņa y por el papel de la misma en la sociedad espaņola.

  • Science in Society: The society based on knowledge


    The science in society has the purpose to support the development of effective and democratic contemporary society. The society should be based on long life learning and knowledge. It should stimulate the link between the science and the technology, to strengthen the interest of the citizens to the scientific and technological research and development. The scientific society will stimulate the more powerful role of the discoveries of the schools and universities and their engagement with the globalization challenges.


    The world is planning wider and bigger research studies based on the problems of sexual discrimination, in all possible areas and social problematic fields. Some specific actions in this direction are the financial stimulations of programs and projects, supported by governments in priority scientific fields. The society, the academic communities and their members should be engaged in a global discussion and clarification of political and social issues, including ethnical problems, debate for the place of the science in the contemporary life, the technologies development in the history, sociology and philosophy of the technology science.  The contemporary science and its results will help the society prosperity.


    Strengthening the science system globally is one of the major issues that have to be worked on. The World Wide Web is creating a potential, unlimited universe of recourses that will emphasize the development of the science in all possible aspects. The access to academic materials as scientific publications, research results, articles, books, magazines, everything should be easier, without any boundaries. More measures about protecting trade marks will be taken, as well as intellectual property and measures against frauds. The role of the women in the science should be equal to the men. This will change dramatically in the next few years. They will compete on equal basis, knowing the competitive nature of women.


    A better environment will increase the interest of the young people to the sciences by facilitating the means and the basis of receiving knowledge. The education will become easier and will be improved in all levels. Again the Internet will bring new opportunities for distance learning, which is cost effective for many people that can not pay the price of the universities. The information flow exchange will dramatically change by improving the relationship between the scientific society and the politicians, media channels and the citizens through stimulating the better communication and presentation of the research studies and results. The communication abilities of people will increase through out new ways of scientific approaches, base on discoveries.

    People should think more globally in order to solve problems and find solutions.