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  • Science Humor
    The Science humor community is a community dedicated to humor about science or scientists. This includes all kind of sciences, physical or social. In this community you can find out, what ancient language gave rise to the chemical nomenclature, what little girl professor Wiener asked where he lived, what happens if you eat Cesium, subversive uses of molecular model sets, why you should NOT allow your children to study chemistry, the real reason the chicken crossed the road, w hy 10 dimensions seem so cramped, inside radiology secrets, that polymer dispersities

  • The Synesthesia Community
    This community is for anyone who has a webpage with information on synesthesia.  (The page must have more than just links.  Thanks!)

  • DinoLand Community
    The Dino Land Community a community of educational and scientific-based sites on dinosaurs.

  • R. B. Duncan's Science Site
    Site with many FREE science e-books and other science info. . Feel free to add your science site here.

  • The Scepticism Community
    A community dedicated to promoting suspending belief until there is good cause not to.

  • The Realm
    Community for those whose interests lie in Sci-Fi and/or Fantasy.

  • Astronomy
    Everyone is welocome to take a look at the only Astronomy Community belonging to Community Surf! Animations, Pictures, Facts{;}{;}Is there REALLY life out there??

  • The Astronomy Community
    astronomy planets sun moon jupiter saturn earth mars-venus mercury neptune uranus pluto stars galaxy galaxies supernova milky way comets asteroids telescopes universe

  • Gender, Science and Technology for Sustainable Development
    A community which highlights the role women and men play in using science and technology for sustainable development. Topics include education, research and employment, biotechnology and information technologies as well as the everyday uses of S&T in environmental management, food security, health, energy and local knowledge systems.

  • Ciência e Ceticismo
    Community sobre ciência e ceticismo.


  • African Americans In Science
    The purpose of this community is to create a network of African American individuals and organizations that are dedicated to or involved in science. All majors, professions and organizations are welcome, including engineers, doctors, researchers, medical and pre medical students, graduate, undergraduate, social sciences, and corporate or private business.

  • Bore Community
    Tidal Bore community

  • Escépticos
    Anillo de escépticos

  • Sasquatch
    This is a community concerning Legends Sasquatch in particular

  • Net-Community
    This Community was set up to allow different communities to display their websites and grouplinks.

  • Italian Dinosaur Community
    Un gruppo di portali dedicati al mondo della Paleontologia e dei Dinosauri.

  • The Paranormal Community
    Websites dedicated to paranormal research.

  • Science, Men and Women

    Science helps us to discover many things—everything really. One of the most interesting things I have come across is the science of people, the difference between men and women to be more precise. In general there are many differences between men and women. According to different studies women use 20 000 words daily, while men around 7 000. The women are better in remembering faces, while men are better with the geographical orientation.  The women can do much more things in the same time, but their brain is much more sensitive to the food. There are diseases typical only for the females and others for men.  Men have problems with speaking in the early years, the women are easier exposed to depressions and they are more focused on problems, compared to the male part.

    The explanation is that we have different brains.


    The scientists review the mail and the female type of brains, no matter that these are ideal terms. Indeed there is no male or female brain. The rats’ tests are showing that the connection between the two female brain parts is stronger. It is proved that if one of the parts is under a deformation, the female will transfer the brain activities to the other part. Actually the general difference in the two genders’ brains is the so called kernels. The kernels are small piles from sells, in the brain, which are responsible for a type of behaviour. The kernels of the male are different from the women’s ones.


    It is considered that the brain type is formed according to the hormones. The release of testosterone is forming the male type of kernels. Not only could the testosterone influence the forming of a embryo, but also the high temperature or pills.  According to some academic opinions the kernels could be genetically created. If the testosterone is not released I n the appropriate moments, the kernels in the brain will be formed in a wrong way. The kernels of homosexual individuals’ brain are like the female ones.


    The scientists that support the theory for genetic produced kernels believe that the homosexuality is genetically provoked problem.  Our human actions are based on our brain activities. The thermoregulation, the heart work, sexual behaviour and others are coordinated by our brain work. The brain is managing the hormones release as well as  our behaviour in the society.