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  • Passionately Bleeding // Borderline Personality Disorder
    For blogs and personal sites owned by webmasters with borderline personality disorder, or fitting several borderline personality traits. Uniting borderline personalities of the internet!

  • Anneau francophone des thérapeutes rogériens
    Anneau francophone des thérapeutes rogériens : Cet Anneau a pour but principal de faire connaître les thérapeutes, les professionnels de la relation d'aide travaillant selon l'Approche Centrée sur la Personne (ACP) de Carl Rogers. Il consiste a relier entre eux les différents sites de thérapeutes rogériens. Il permet aussi aux internautes d'avoir accès d'une manière rapide à un ensemble de sites qui peuvent les intéresser. L'avantage d'un anneau est de pouvoir atteindre des sites qui sont absents ou peu visibles dans les moteurs de recherche.

  • Personality Theory and the Wakefield Doctrine
    the Wakefield Doctrine ( the theory of clarks, scotts and rogers ) is a unique, helpful and fun way to understand the personality types of other people. With the Wakefield Doctrine you will finally understand why the people in your life do the things that they do!

  • Psychology Summed Up


    Psychology is an academic as well as practical discipline concerning the scientific learning of psychological functions and actions. Psychologists study such phenomenon as awareness, cognition, sentiment, individuality, activities, and interpersonal relations. Psychology even refers to the application of such awareness to different spheres of individual activity, comprising issues associated to daily life (example family, employment and education) and the cure of mental health dilemmas. Psychologists try to realize the role of these functions in individual and social activities, whilst also exploring the fundamental physiological as well as neurological processes. Psychology comprises a lot of sub-fields of study and applications related with such areas as human expansion, health, sports, media, industry and law.


    The study of psychology in theoretical context dates back to the prehistoric civilizations of India, Egypt, Greece and China. Psychology started adopting a more clinical as well as experimental move toward medieval Muslim psychologists as well as physicians, who made psychiatric hospitals for such reasons. Psychology is a practical and educational field which studies the individual mind as well as behavior. Study in psychology seeks to recognize and explain thought, behavior and emotion. Applications of psychology comprise mental health cure, performance improvement, ergonomics, self-help and a lot of other areas affecting health and every day life.


    Psychology is a wide and diverse field. A number of diverse subfields as well as specialty areas have appeared. The following are a few of the major areas of investigation and application in psychology:


    Abnormal Psychology is the learning of abnormal behavior plus psychopathology. This subject area is focused on study and cure of a variety of psychological disorders plus is associated to psychotherapy and clinical psychology. Mental health specialized normally make use of the Diagnosistic as well as Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders to analyze mental disorders.


    Biological Psychology, also called as biopsychology, studies how the biological processes persuade the mind and activities. This area is directly connected to neuroscience as well as utilizes tools like MRI and PET scans to appear at brain injury or abnormalities.


    Clinical Psychology is focused on assessment, diagnosis, and cure of mental disorders.


    Cognitive Psychology is the learning of human thought processes as well as cognitions. Cognitive psychologists study topics like attention, recollection, awareness, decision-making, problem solving, as well as language acquisition.


    Comparative Psychology is a branch of psychology related with study of animal deeds. The study of animal actions can guide to a broader and deeper perceptive of human psychology.

    Developmental Psychology is a branch of psychology looking at human expansion and growth over the lifetime. Theories usually focus on development of social functioning, cognitive abilities, ethics, individuality, as well as other life areas.


    Forensic Psychology is the applied field focused on utilizing psychological investigates and values in legal as well as illegal justice system.


    Industrial-Organizational Psychology is the region of psychology using psychological research to improve the work performance, choose employee, develop product design, and develop usability.


    Personality Psychology looks at different elements which make up the individual personalities. Famous personality theories comprise Freud’s structural representation of personality as well as "Big Five" theory of individuality.


    School Psychology is a branch of psychology which works in the learning system to assist kids with emotional, social, as well as academic issues.


    Social Psychology is the discipline that uses technical methods to learn social influence, social interaction and social perception. Social psychology studies various subjects comprising group behavior, communal awareness, management, nonverbal deeds, conventionality, aggression and injustice.