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  • Earth Sciences: Time to Start Worrying About Energy Resources



    When we think of earth sciences, these days it’s only natural for us to think automatically about saving the environment and that many things that go hand in hand with that, such as alternative energy resources. The shortage of energy is one of the global daily issues ready to be solved from the new political leaders of the world.

    We can definitely define new political faces and to expect completely new approach for solving crisis issues that affect the global population.


    The energy is used not properly. We let the energy go out of our homes, offices, buildings by not using it effectively. We do not isolate our premises or we are doing this not in a proper way. The buildings are not building energy effectively. It is time to start saving the energy by using it in a saving manner or finding new ways of generating it. There are many alternatives, but the one of the future is the SUN.

    The solar energy is a huge energy generator. To use its potential it is necessary to implement certain technologies, which ensure effective transforming of the power into usable for the consumers’ devices and daily energy consumption activities.


    Governments are creating programs and political projects that stimulate the production, development and implementation of new alternatives. People are stimulated to generate ideas in this direction. Many experts forecast extremely light future for the solar energy. The global economy crisis changed dramatically the existing markets of fossil energy. The solar energy is one of the preferred sectors for development of each new political force.


    The hard time for the rest of the energy sources is a signal for a light future for the sun energy businesses. With the prices decrease “the economy of the sun” will look much better. Having such renewable power origins the global industry will grow from today 3 GW to 10 to 15 GW in the next 3 to 5 years. The numbers could be compared with the energy production of a dozen nuclear power stations.  In the period between The First and The Second petrol crisis in 1978 the sun photo elements are becoming actively produced components for calculators, watches, children’ s toys.  Only the military organizations are investing in the research and development of low power independent sources for empowerment of remote control devices, retranslations and signalization technology.


    The most significant in this period is the investment policy in civil purposes. Very important step is the creation of photo solar elements for protection of the petrol pipes.

    After the second petrol crisis, many governments, generally in Japan and USA, invest recourses in programs and projects for development of new photo elements, components and systems for the industry energizing. The photo elements transform the sun energy into usable for consumption.


    Nowadays the best perspectives for positive economy development are in the above described directions. The sector that implements most the usage of solar energy is the tourism. Whole resorts are already working completely using solar energy. It is cheaper and it is preferred from ecological point of view.


    It is time for the rest of the economy to start thinking about the new alternatives that in a certain time will become a must. The business should reorganize and change the existing equipment into clean technology.