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  • UK & Eire Natural History Bloggers
    A community for British and Irish bloggers who write about natural history and/or nature conservation. Due to the erratic and unreliable service provided by Ringsurf.com we are now operating independently. To join, please send your blog URL to uknhb@btinternet.com.

  • The Butterfly Webring
    "The Butterfly Webring" is for websites featuring Butterflies and Moths aka Lepidoptera, including facts, links, graphics & photographs, and books and other references. If you have a webpage about Butterflies, you are invited to join. If you have more than one, you may add them all.

  • Mollusks & Seashells NetRing
    The "Mollusks & Seashells NetRing" features websites about Mollusca / Mollusks and Seashells, living or fossil, including the classes Gastropoda, Bivalvia / Pelecypoda, Cephalopoda, Scaphopoda, Polyplacophora, and Amphineura. If you have a webpage about Mollusks or Seashells, you are invited to join. If you have more than one, you may add them all.

  • Flore Sauvage de France
    Sites dont au moins une rubrique importante est consacrée à la Flore Sauvage de France : description d'espèces, photographies, protection ...

  • BIOcommunity
    A community for all those interested in biology and life sciences, undergrads, postgrads and researchers. A way to share thoughts and experiences.

  • Creation vs. Evolution Community
    This community is intended for memberships to websites which focus on the Creation Evolution debate. Sites which include information on Biology, Astronomy, Darwinism, and Evolutionary theory are welcomed to apply for membership.

  • Flore Sauvage de France
    Sites dont une part importante est consacrée à la flore sauvage de France : botanique, photographie, description d'espèces, sauvegarde ...

  • Biology - The Science of All Living Things          


    Biology is the science of living objects including both flora and fauna. The study of living organisms is called physiology and the study of the plants is called botany. Thus biology is essentially the study of ‘life’ be it animals, micro or macro organisms or be it plants. The science teaches us the constituents of the life form, its life cycle process, its food for sustenance, natural re-genaration or reproduction process and its process of death and decay.


    This process of life cycle is very important knowledge for us since it teaches us how we humans live and survive and maintain the most amazing ‘machine’ in this world and the unique creation of God, the ‘Human Body’. This machine has to be properly looked after, maintained well and nurtured properly so that it functions and performs optimally. If the maintenance is poor, then just like any other mechanical machines, the performance suffers and output affects, and we feel sick or get ‘diseased’. Thus it is imperative that we all literate humans must know some basics of ‘biology’ ourselves to take care of day-to-day maintenance of our own body. Just like any machine operator has to know some basic skills not only to run but also to trouble-shoot minor hitches as part of daily maintenance, likewise all need to know how we take care of our body basics and keep it healthy. For major breakdowns we have to call the mechanic, or in our case the doctor, but regular maintenance would possibly keep the eventual ‘breakdown’ away. It’s like whether we would have’breakdown maintenance’ or would prefer a ‘preventive one’.


    It’s this choice that makes us concern about our health and in turn our interests in biology or medical science. Medical science would tell us about the medication required to arrest a particular symptom, but it is all the more essential to know the root cause. Say for example, the most common life threatening diseases today are Heart Attacks and Diabetes, both of which are silent killers.