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  • Ghost Mind Paranormal Community
    A Community for Paranormal sites, alternate beliefs as long as it's within reach of the paranormal realm. Ghost Hunters. Paranormal Investigation. Ghost stories and experiences. Come join us in Discovecommunity the Reality Around us!

  • International Paranormal Investigators
    International Paranormal Investigators (IPI) is an organization put together to aid the paranormal community. Investigators whether independent or part of various organizations come together to share knowledge, techniques and build new contacts in the worlds community. Whether just starting out, looking for a team or researchers with many years experience all are welcome and looked at as equals by IPI. The main fundamental is everyone working together for the same cause; paranormal research and that elusive proof either way.

  • The Parapsychological Research Community
    This community contains sites about parapsychological research in the field and in the lab.

  • Maine Supernatural
    Supernatural and Paranormal Investigations in the Maine area. EVP, Spirit Photography, Hauntings, Ghosts, Witchcraft, Urban Legends and anything Supernatural.

  • UFOs and Extraterrestrials
    This ring deals with the serious discussion of the UFO and Extraterrestrial phenomenon. All websites dealing with this subject matter are welcome.

  • Trying to Explain the Unexplainable: Anomalies and Alternative Science


    Anomalies and Alternative Science today has indeed become an important area of finding explanations to the mysteries of life, which is beyond normal scientific reasonings, which often are termed colloquially as ‘paranormal’. The primary reasons towards this being the universal philosophy that behind every action or happening there must be some reasoning! Say for simple example, how do we explain life after death or exorcism or reincarnation or even people remembering one’s former life. We try to pacify our soul and call them ‘paranormal experience’ and refer them to ‘para-psychologists’ which itself has become an important field of science today. Common people try to take consolation with the fact that these are acts of god or happenings beyond normal scientific explanations or are termed ‘X-Files’ in the dramatization act on the idiot box or celluloid.


    So over the period of time, humans have tried to fathom the reasons, tried in vain to find a scientific explanation, wherein started exploring new school of thoughts, thus leading to alternative sciences. These anomalies or paranormal happenings has indeed provoked the ever inquisitive and curious human mind, which has always taken the challenges to unravel the most darkened mysteries of the nature; thus making human being to be the most intelligent species in the Universe (well let us leave aside the debate for the time being, if ET exists or superior Martians are likely to invade Earth!!). But the ‘beautiful mind’ of us is still un-satiated and we still ponder over the deeper and darkest mysteries of life and nature, where the illogical and irrational ones take resort to voodoo-ism, old mambo jumbo, witchcraft or black magic; wherein the logical ones try to reason out these anomalies with alternative science. If we look and analyze, both in essence are forms of alternative sciences but the former is in a very rustic and crude metaphor, wherein the latter is more philosophic and tries to explore the human mind itself and find out a reasoning with more psychological aspect, wherein justifying the paranormal experience of the individual to be linked with some activity of the mind, more scientifically speaking the activity of the neurons in the brain. This is the realm of para-psychology and it is the foundation towards the concept of alternative science today.


    Still today human mind questions if ‘miracle’ happens, or is human being capable of curing an ailment by touch, does god give us the power to heal mankind or sainthood is just a posthumous title by the Catholic Church! Thus we have today ‘touch therapy’ or Reiki being an alternative medical science where incurable or terminal diseases are being tried upon, which may give us temporary relief, but gives us eternal peace of mind, cause we have found an explanation. We mortals are happy when we console our souls with reasoning, which are beyond our normal scientific explanations.


    Thus the debate is on, if the ‘elephant god’ of Hindu mythology drinks milk from the devotee’s hand?