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    MAPRA - Metaphysical And Pagan Retailers Association

  • Catholic Shopping
    This community has been created to bcommunity together all the Catholic related stores on the Internet into a 'super' shopping mall. Any store will be accepted into the community as long as the products being sold are true to the Catholic Faith and Way of Life.

  • Shopping for Religious Items

    When looking on the internet for all of your religious shopping needs you can find that you have stumbled on what shouldn’t be a niche market. In today’s world of fast living we often don’t all stop long enough to see the bigger picture of what is going on around us. A lot of people associate religion with war and it is often said that people should never talk about religion and politics as it often leads to arguments, hence the wars. Every one has their own opinion on what religion is the “right” religion and if you listen to everyone who is involved in religion they can give you a million different reasons why theirs is the right one. The thing is that their religion is the right one for them not everyone and it is up to the individual to decide what religion is right for them. Some people move through their lives without deciding on a religion one way or another even though when they die they are often than not buried or cremated in a ceremony that has religious aspects.

    Some people are able to decide in advance what they want for their funerals before they pass away where as others don’t bother or are taken away from us very unexpectedly. Today’s market in Coffins is very far from the traditional idea from where you purchase them from to the design, shape and style. Everyone when they think of coffins think of the walnut elaborate designs that are elongated, have brass handles and are of somber colors. What many don’t realize is that the market for one off and custom made designs is a trend that is growing. People want now days to be able to reflect their personality’s right up to the last minuet with designs ranging from elaborate paintings in all manor of colors right up to the most dare-ish of designs including surf board shapes and fantasy ideas. All of the coffins are bespoke and sometimes unique to the owner making them a personal statement. You can have musical coffins, flower coffins, sport themed coffins, patriotic and military themed coffins, beautiful petite and angelic coffins for children and practically any known color in existence painted on to the coffin. The coffins range in price from ones that cost little as a standard pine coffin $1,000 right up to the more expensive ornate, silk lined mahogany coffins around $15,000.

    There is also a market for eco friendly coffins which are made from 100% recycled products even cardboard coffins, so that one less tree is not cut down to make a coffin that will either be incinerated or buried where it will never decompose and become one with the earth again. The handles are made of cotton based fibre rope making them more environmentally friendly and the design if you are to combine the two options of above and below, are layered and painted on material wrap that biodegrades within two years.