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    Community of the devotees of the International Society for Krsna Consciousness. Also open to anyone of a Spirtual Thought and wisdom of any religion or order. Beyond any and all ICON OLOGY, there is still only what the TRUTH IS. I invite everyone into this Community.

  • Getting Fit With Yoga: No Excuses

    today has become very popular in each and every part of the world especially in India and in European countries. The people of the present era are forgetting about yoga due a constant lack of time. The have every thing except time for yoga for at least five in a day. Due to this negligence they are habituating themselves for the use of English medicine. For a slight headache they prefer to take medicine for they do not understand that a simple yoga can make their life happy and prosperous.

    Various yoga gurus are emerging in the ancient civilization country like India. Among them Swami Ramdev is most popular in India. He has ambition to bring the world under the control of yoga. He has been teaching yoga in India and abroad also. He, with the help of yoga has treated various ailments, which seems to be impossible by the modern medical science. He has various successes in reducing the blood sugar level with the help of particular yoga. Various followers of him are coming out as the proof that he has reduced the cholesterol level with special yoga of breathing called pranayam. Many of them have got the relief from the breathing problems suffering from a very long time. The speeches of the persons have return with the help of yoga. The paralyzed legs have got the power to walk on the process of treatment with yoga. Many of the students have reported to increase their memory with the regular use of yoga. Many of the business man has increase their skill of the business with having maximum concentration on their business with less stress and tension with the help of this free and miraculous medicine available with everyone in every part of the world.

    Art of living teacher Swami Ravisankar has similar view and teaching on the yoga. Yoga today is required in each and every place starting from the school to office and to the house. The hospitals should use the help of yoga in treatment of their patients, and the offices either private or government should start the yoga period in them to reduce the tension and stress of the employees at the same time to increase the productivity of the business. As tension- less and happily mind can produce more. The school should be introduced with the classes of yoga for each an every students. This will make them a perfect student in their study and their mind will grow like a climber for best result of the school. If the students of the school are good, they are proud for the both the school and for their parents and also for the locality in which they live and finally they can make a good nation for their help for the country. To make a family healthy each and every parents should take care that their children is learning yoga. The club in the locality should make arrangement for the classes of yoga.