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  • The Temple of the Gods of Coffee
    This is a site for all the worshippers of the Holy Elixir of Life, the gift of the Goddess Caffeina and her consort the God of Coffee Juan Valdez.

  • Blue Goddess
    This community is open to all who have a sincere interest in Wicca, Magick, Paganism, Witchcraft, and the Occult. Our emphasis is on promoting a better understanding on the Occult Arts and Sciences. Please!, no references to Satanism, drugs, or any kind of hate groups. Please visit our home page to download the image for the community applet.

  • I'm A Witch
    I'm a witch. That's right. No not the sterotypical old hag with a bump on her nose and a broom. I'm a solitary wiccan. Witches are beautiful, nature loving people. We don't hurt people. Come out of the broom closet.

  • Leaena's Teen Wicca Community
    Leaena's Teen Wicca Community is THE community for Teen Wicca sites. Also visit my homepage and my community to get loads of info on wicca. Blessed Be!

  • The Witches Grove
    This community features sites which provide accurate information about Wicca, Paganism, Natural Witchcraft and anything related.

  • Blue Stars Domain
    A great collection of some of my favorite art work,Im always adding something new ...I will soon be adding clipart and backgrounds for websites and pages,so come back soon,who knows you might find something you like!

  • FWTI Members
    Family Wiccan Tradition International believes in the power of legacy through family ties. We celebrate the varied ways that families can be made and honor all the paths to family from the single person holding themselves as sacred to the partnered persons of all genders.

  • The Crescent Moon Community
    Diverse Community promoting Tolerance, Self Expression, and Awareness

  • Correllian Tradition South Africa Webring
    For all formally chartered groups affiliated with the Correllian Tradition in South Africa.

  • Pagan Journalists Community
    A community of Pagan journals (informational) that exist in cyberspace.

  • Equine Totem Community
    This Community is designed for those of a Pagan spirit who have an equine totem. An equine totem is defined as being a horse, unicorn, zebra, mule, donkey, burro, or any other equinish animal spirit/guardian.

  • Community_Of_Fire
    A little bit Of Everything Pagan and More

  • Community of the Starsingers
    A community to bcommunity Wiccans andPagans together. Want to increase your websites' traffic, join and spread the message!

  • Sacerdotesse della Luna
    Un mondo incantato, dove condividere le nostre esperienze, sogni e calderoni di moderne Streghe!

  • Witchy Wonders Community
    A community for the viewers of Witchy Wonders Website!

  • Celebrating the Goddess
    This is a community for those on the Celebrating the Goddess eGroup list. Or if your page is pagan orientated or even partially about Paganism, it will probably be selected.

  • Celtic Ambrosia
    If you have a pagan, wiccan or spiritual and your site is non judgemental towards other faiths then this community is for you.

  • Techno Pagan Community
    Community for technopagans: those follow the pagan path who are using computers and the internet as a part of their spiritual path-- by making on-line contacts, learning about their path on-line, taking pagan classes on-line, building pagan web sites, etc. This community is open to pagans off all paths, but websites MUST be pagan-oriented to join!{;}

  • Circle of Magickal Pages
    A community created for those who live a magickal lifestyle. Anyone who fits into the criteria may apply.

  • World Wide Wiccan Community
    Welcome to our online community's official community! The community is for members only, so please join WWWC and wait for approval to join this community so you are not auto-denied

  • International Brotherhood of Prayer Warriors
    This community is comprised of webpages and ministries whose primary focus is related to prayer.

  • The Pagan Dance
    A place where communities can forge new friendships and learn from each other.

  • ULC Interfaith Community
    Sites who have come together to share their Interfaith Ministeries.

  • Magick community
    A community to hold any and all sites that pertain to magick. wiccans and pegans welcome.

  • Magick Web-Circle
    This is a community for danish witches, wiccans and pegans whom have a web site in danish or english.

  • Wiccan Pagan Ways
    Community for the Wiccan/Pagan/Alternative Homepages and Sites. Where people of openmindedness can share interests. Share your sites here and share the bliss of knowing you are welcome and blessed.

  • Ayla's Cave - Clan Community
    This community is related to the Ayla's Cave website and is here to bcommunity the Clan even closer together :)

  • The Witches Cauldron
    The Witches Cauldron is a constantly changing, evolving, web site.{;}I wanted to build a site with an easy to read format.Something newbies and oldies could appreciate! With more direction towards learning the actual craft rather than JUST spells.{;}I have moon phases, candle colors, meanings, Sabbats, chat rooms, boards,

  • Discover Magick
    A community for anyone working to learn the Old Ways, anyone discovecommunity Magick.

  • Image Witches
    Calling all witches! This community is for witches (duh, silly me). For those witches who use any type of craft in their every day life. Pagans, Wiccan, and Faerie folk too...Come along. From anyone with a personal site (about themselves, and who is Pagan of course...) to anyone who is puting the real magick secrets out into the world are welcome.

  • Witches Grove
    book of shadows, links, communitys and more!

  • Ardor's Wiccan Realm
    A community to ensure that the words of wicca arwe never lost.

  • The Golden Cauldron
    A community for sites which are about, and/or include information about wicca, wiccan, pagan, occult, paranormal, gothic, mystical, etc.

  • :: Dimensões Community ::
    Este é um Community para sites e blogs místicos.

  • Circle of Love
    A community of pages around the internet that promote love, grace, and peace.

  • MysticRelms
    A community for psychic and witchcraft websites. all sites in both catagories are welcom to sign up, but I hold the final word on if you get in, so if your site is good, and not for evil purposes, sign up now.

  • Darkimber Community Community
    A Community for any Witches and Wiccans who would like to join.

  • Oceanic Wiccan Services
    Temples of Sedna and Isis teaching groups and Orders.

  • Wicca World Wide
    Anna's world wide Wicca. A list of Anna's sites and groups.
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