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  • Pagan Spirit Community
    This community is designed to bcommunity together sites that enrich the pagan community as a whole. What does this mean exactly? It means that ANY site can join, so long as there is a pagan theme to it. This includes art, poetry, music, spell books, sites on myths and legends, gods and goddesses and educational sites. Your site does not have to be solely devoted to Wicca, or any one religion. Unlike many communitys, this one gladly welcomes commercial sites, so long as they are pagan related. {;}

  • Correllian Nativist Tradition
    This Community is exclusively for the official Temples and Shrines of the Correllian Nativist Tradition.

  • The Witches Circle Community
    The Witches Circle Community, Part of Mystickal Realms Web Competition!{;}A Friendly place to meet fellow pagans and wiccans and have a little fun competiting with your web site.{;}WON'T YOU COME JOIN US?

  • The Coven
    The Coven of Wiccans and Paganists and anyone delightfully morbid, halloweenish, spooky, gothic and dark. Welcome all new members!

  • Community of Mystcal Realms
    Community of Mystical Realms is designed to bcommunity together similar sites. Sites which are or contain magick, Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft, Occult and all around

    This community was put together for the purpose of uniting all those studing any method of divination,and for those who travel on the Pagan path..Those involved in Negative magic, Satan worship, or who have Hate filled ideas or sites need not bother to join..You will not be considered.

  • Catholic Weblink
    The Catholic Church Community exists purely for the purpose of bcommunitying all Catholic websites that contain anything about the Catholic Church. {;}{;}This community is for all the Catholic dioceses, parishes, religious congregations and individuals with webpages about the Catholic Church, her teachings on faith and morals. The purpose of the community is to connect catholic churches together so they can be one. We intend to create a network of websites all conveying the message of God. {;}{;}

  • Circle of Pagan Women
    A Community for Pagan Women and their Internet sites.

  • Wicca Souls
    Merry Meet!!{;}{;}This is a community for anyone with a Wiccan Soul. Let's all unite together and show the world that we are strong people. And when you join, please sign up with the page that our community code will be on. Also, our community code MUST be on your website(s) before I will approve it. Thank you!

  • Sedna Ring
    Temples, Shrines, Orders Teaching Groups, Social Groups of the Temple of Sedna

  • WiccaCommunity
    The WiccaCommunity is a Community for sites which give information or which are about Wicca and/or Pagan related.

  • Web Of Witches
    A community to unite pagan sites on the web

  • Working Witch Community
    This is a community dedicate to Wicca, Paganism and Magical Workings for all stages of development within the Craft.

  • Fantastic Realms
    A community of fantastic web realms! These sites are fantasy, pagan, or wiccan in nature.

  • MoonRavens Community
    All about wicca, for both beginners as well as for us that have been on this path for a few years....

  • Blessed-Be-UK-Network
    List of Wiccan/Pagan sites & Covens,Topsites, Graphics

  • Natyre's Coven
    This community if for anyone with webpage contents that relate to wicca,pagan, magic, natures religion, alternative lifestyles.

  • The Family Pagan Community
    A community for pagans/wiccans that is family friendly, a community that is safe for pagan/wiccan children/teens to venture and learn the wiccan/pagan path.{;}The Lighter side of Magick.{;}All whom fit this criteria are welcome to join.{;}

  • Majiklmoon's Circle
    Merry Meet{;}{;}Majiklmoon's Realm is an ever changing, ever growing web site. We feature on line tarot lessons, a banner exchange, an online book of shadows, and a fantastic egroup. Stop on by. Bright Blessings

  • Blogs Wiccans Do Brasil
    Community dedicado à divulgação de blogs wiccanos no Brasil. Se você tem um diário virtual deste tema, com qualidade, seriedade e objetividade, junte-se a nós!

  • New Thought
    The New Thought Community is a collection of sites dedicated to the advancement and exploration of New Thought ideals and teachings. Anyone who affirms themselves to be a part of the greater New Thought movement is welcome to join the community at no charge {;}or obligation.

  • The Solitary Wiccan Community
    One Community to find them{;}One Community to bcommunity them all{;}and in the darkness bind them

  • Circle of Magick Whispers
    The basis of this community is to share Witchcraft beliefs, studies and earth spirituality. Learning to listen to our own hearts, trust ourselves and the answers we have within us. Choosing our own Destiny.

  • Northwest Pagan Circle
    The Northwest Pagan Circle was established to help Pagans who reside in the Pacific Northwest region of the U.S. network with others of like beliefs. Sites should contain Pagan-oriented content as well. {;}{;}

  • Pagan Bloggers
    Community for Pagan who Blog, or write online web logs, journals, or diaries, or who ramble on and on and on and on... or who write, either fiction, non-fiction, poetry... Well, we're not picky :){;}*Please note that the OnePagan.com site has gone down, and that for now, I am filling in.

  • Filipino Catholics
    This is a community and links to Filipino Churches, Dioceses, Seminaries, Parishes, Schools, Institutions, and other personal websites by Filipinos around the globe.

  • Jewitchery
    featucommunity websites for jewish witches and witchy jews

  • Mystic Cat
    Covers the Mystic side of the cats, cat fairies, pagan, wiccan, new age, Eastern, science fiction, fantasy, roll playing games etc.

  • I'm a Witch... and proud!
    A community for Witches. Even if you're not a wiccan, you can still join. The witch is inside of you.

  • Wicca & Witchcraft Community
    This Community is for all with sites on Wicca, Witchcraft, Paganism or combination

  • Magick Moon Community
    This community is for those sites that contain references to Wicca, Paganism, Magick (especially Moon Magick), Goddess worship, etc.

  • Nederlandse Heksen Community
    deze community is gesloten...

  • Fundamental Baptist Ladies Community
    This is an IFB ladies community teaching the Word of God, exhorting and encouraging like-minded ladies in the Lord. We also serve as a resource for IFB ladies.

  • Shamanism Web Circle
    Shamanism, the world's oldest healing tradition, can be found in all cultures on Earth. The Shamanism Web Circle is devoted to honocommunity the spiritual teachings of animals, walking gently upon the earth, and healing in general. Your website does not have to be about shamanism to join our web circle. We are rated appropriate for all ages. {;}

  • Witch Ways
    A witchy sitecommunity for those witchy sites. Advertise here if you are a merchant, or share your homepage, learn from others, post what you know and want to share.

  • Faery Willows
    Faery Willows is open to all websites that have a fantasy theme, imagination, and inspiration. We cater to those who are also fond of literature and poetry.

  • BluMyst Community
    BluMyst is a wiccan web site that contans Pagan Contacts, book of shadows and other links.

  • Eternal Goddess
    Focused on Egyptian goddesses and Mythology moving into the more mystical and spiritual aspects. +List of over 50 goddesses, with descriptions ( many with pictures ) some of the more visited are isis Universal goddess, ( also known as Aset ) Nephthys, Bast , Ma'at, Sekhmet , Neith , Brigid , Artimis , Tiamat ---Other Areas of interest Egyptian mythology, spells, magick, prayers, glossary of Egyptian terms, planets, runes, hieroglyphs, festival days, Pentagram/Pentacle section, original poetry, orignal art, ---section on the kabala/Qabala/Cabala ---Full version of Sefer Yetzirah, Hebrew Letters

  • Celestial Realm
    Wiccan/Pagen help site for the begginer. Info on Sabbats, Altars, Candle Magick, Tarot cards, Gems, and some Recipes. Come surf the Realm!

  • The Wiccan Webmistress Community
    Web sites owned and crafted by Wiccan Webcrafters

  • The Sorcery Society
    This community is devoted to Magick & Sorcery, it includes topic's like Spellcraft, Witchcraft, Wicca, Occult, Demonology, Paganism, Alchemy, Shamanism, Metaphysical, Folklore, Charms, Spirituality, Astrology, Divination, Paranormal and MUCH more!

  • Partners in Prayer
    Partners in Prayer is a non denominational site for love, help and support. Request prayer and list sites of people who need help and prayers. Church directory and devotional listings.

  • Christians Joining Hands
    This community is for all websites created by Christian webmasters and webmistresses. It can be of a religious theme or just a personal website.

  • Enchanted Coven of Avalon
    group for people of pagan and wiccan faith

  • The Community of Archangels
    The Community of Archangels community is here for all sites that are on the topica of religion/faith/the angelic realm or whether ir be wicca, etc .. as long as it promotes tolerance of all faiths.

  • Triple Moon
    Triple Moon community is for all that is mystic, magickal, and otherwise! Please join us!

  • Mississippi Pagan Web Zone
    This community is design to aid people in finding and viewing Pagan/Wiccan web sites that are written by Mississippi Pagans/Wiccans.

  • Circle of Pagan Web Sites
    For all Pagans.

  • Enclave BlackRose Community Community
    This is a very special community, intended to link together sites which represent electronic communities. These communities foster free-thinking discussions on social, religious, and related issues. See our homepage for more information.

  • Seeker of Truth
    A place of peace, prayer, and devotion.{;}Needing prayer,encoragment,or someone to talk to. Seeking advice. Or just needing a freind. Welcome in.

  • Wiccan Religion: Clearing Up Your Misconceptions


    Wiccan religion or Wicca was made popular by a retired British civil servant in 1954. At the time it was called ‘witchcraft’. Other people state that the Wicca theology began earlier than the 20’s. Wicca worships a God, a horned god and a goddess also – known as the triple goddess. Wicca also uses rituals of magic and a liberal code of morality and celebration of many festivals throughout the year.


    For most Wicca they worship 2 gods; a female version and a male version. The horned god or male version of the Wicca is sometimes equated with the God as Oak King and Holly King – one rules over Spring and Summer and the other rules over Autumn and Winter. The goddess is known as a Triple Goddess, ‘Maiden’, ‘Mother’, and ‘Crone’, or as a Moon Goddess.


    Reincarnation is a traditional Wicca teaching. Beliefs in the afterlife vary among believers in Wicca teachings. Many believe they can contact the spirits of the dead through mediums and Ouija boards. A common element of Wicca beliefs is the Law of Threefold Return which states that whatever benevolent or malevolent actions a person performs will return to that person with triple force – similar to karma.


    The Wicca follows eight virtues which are: mirth, reverence, honour, humility, strength, beauty, power and compassion. There always seems to be a dualism in Wicca belief, meaning there is usually a dualism between the God and the Goddess. Originally Wicca religion had an aversion to homosexuality saying it was a curse to the goddess – but seems to be accepted by most Wicca believers today.


    Wicca believes in Five Elements and they are:

              Air, which is symbolized by east

              Fire, which is symbolized by south

              Water, which is symbolized by west

              Earth, which is symbolized by north.

              Spirit, which unites the other four and is symbolized by the center.


    The Five Elements are symbolized by the 5 points in a pentagram – the most prominently used symbol of Wicca.


    There is no set scripture in Wicca Religion such as the Bible or Qur’an but there are texts that are available. The most notable is the Charge of the Goddess which contains material from Charles Godfrey Leland’s Arcadia, or the Gospel of the Witches (1899) and the works of 19-20th Century occultist Aleister Crowley. There is also a text called Wicca Laws.


    There are various rituals that are celebrated during the many festivals throughout the year. There is practiced magic and casting spells. There is a purified magic circle with all the elements which is a key view of Wicca belief. Once the circle is cast and all elements are added, a ritual or spell may be performed and prayers to the God and Goddess are said.


    Many Wicca use magical tools while doing this. These include a broom, caldron, chalice, wand, Book of Shadows, altar cloth, candles, crystals, pentacle or incense. The altar is usually within the circle where all the magical tools are presented.


    With every religion or belief there are aspects that some will not believe in. But in most religions or beliefs there is a common thread of believing in someone or something higher than you.


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