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  • Noble Wife Blog Community
    A blog community for "Noble Wives" that post on a regular basis.

  • Mystical Worlds
    This community is for all people that show interest in Spirituality, wicca, witchcraft, gothic, alternative healing and so on...

  • Dear Santa Claus
    This is the Home Page of the Dear Santa Claus Community. This community was originally created on Monday, September 02, 2002, out of my love for Christmas and Santa Claus. Hopefully, you will find it to be one of the fastest, easiest ways to find all sorts of really great sites that are all about Christmas! All non-profit and non-commercial pages related to Christmas are welcome to join! We do accept Charitable sites, so please feel free to apply.

  • CommunitySurf: The Calyr Elf
    The Calyr Elf Church site contains the history, prayers, sacraments, and beliefs of the Calyr elves. The Calyr faith is based on acceptance of diversity and love for all good things. It does not coax, coerce or beg for donations or members. Freedom to believe, or not believe, is the true peace.

  • We believe in working with people through the Powers of the White Light to help with Guidance and Healing of the mind, body, spirit and emotions. For more info, please click.

  • Spiritportal
    Gratis platform voor spiritueel/paranormaal therapeuten in Nederland

  • Psychic and mental Mediums
    workshops, dream analysis, dreams, horoscopes, tarot, color therapy, games, feng shui, interactive forum, and there are still many issues to innovative. These provide your awareness, but also for ours. Every day we take back a piece of expensive growth along. It is up to you what you do with it or can do.

  • Delving into Spiritualism


    Spiritualism may be called as the enlightenment of the slept thought of heart available in almost all the persons on the earth. The spirit to rise from the materials world to such a height that the thought is said to be connected with the non-materials, eternal, and omnipotent spirit of nature, some time called god by various personals those who believe in the God, but those who do not believe in god may also feel the power of spiritualism in the heart as a non-visible influence who governs the entire world by unknown energy available in a stretch manner throughout the globe. These spiritual powers always remain in condition of hibernations in the core of heart.


    Many of the spirituals guru like Dante, Socrates, and Confucius, give their preaches of the for the benefit of the world. The Jesus has to donate his life for the want of the people in order to give the world a new religion like Christian religions. His spiritual life was up to such an extent that the followers have every reason to believe that he is an angel of the God and due to his spiritual power he can do the things, which are impossible to the ordinary man. In India the various spiritualism sect can be seen as provided by many of the great monks like Swami Vivekananda, Swami Dayananda, Arobindo, and at the contemporary Swami Baba Ramdev and Swami Ravishanker only to list a few. They are teaching the people of Indian and abroad also with the help of yoga and pranayam. They are teaching the children of today with the importance of the spiritualism for the benefit of the people and also for the up gradation of the nations, as the child is the father of nations, rightly said by the greatest scholar and writer in the world.


    If man has power of spiritualism, he can do any work on the earth, which may be impossible for the man who has no any contract with the spiritualism. In ancient time of the period of Hindu Civilization the monks use the power to see the future of any persons with the power of their spirit, which comes from the heart by the various rigorous method of purification of the self. They are said to be live for long without any food or water but with the help of the concentration and the meditation, which provoked the power of the organs in human body not used for long by the ordinary people. They used to sit in the forest, in the ice, in the water, in the fire, in the soil below the earth surface, for long away from the crowd in search of truth and power of spirit. They make themselves so that the necessity of the body like huger and other essential activity were totally stopped and the concentration is towards the spiritualism. Nowadays the students in the class in every school should also be given some time and compulsory education on spiritualism so that they can improve their mind in studies