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  • Students of God's Word Community
    If you have the courage to check things out for yourself and believe God's Word instead of man's words, traditions of men, false doctrines, then you will find the content, links and other resources here invaluable to your quest for truth.

  • CommunitySurf: New Community
    This community is to unite all the people whose family members were accused of witchcraft in 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts. I would like this community to be both genealogy and historical based. Not just links to other sites, but your own work!!! No Spammers or porno! No commercial sites please.

  • Students of God's Word
    We are Students of God's Word. These sites are dedicated to spreading the Truth of the Word of God.

  • Christian Living
    Biblical studies that help us relate to how we can apply the text, stories, historical accounts, and commands to our lives. This a community of people who love each other in Christ, and are searching for Truth with passion. Let the Spirit lead us.

  • Greenwood Sidhe
    Becoming a Druid is a long road of intense study, but here you will get a basic understanding of Druidism, it's history, and more, and have fun while you learn. Celtic Druid life is rich with graphics, poetry, folklore, earthmagic, and this site is rich with all. Discover the wondrous world of Celtic dance. Enjoy Celtic Drum's 'click and listen' CELTIC MUSIC. Read and listen at the same time! Expand your artistic and musical horizons. Cherish the Celts' love and mastery of song and dance. Enjoy your stay!

  • Religious Studies: A Dying Subject

    Religious Studies are very much neglected through the world due to lack of proper education systems, interest in the religious matters, and spread of the various entertainment materials like the television and the advent of the internet. The man today has no time to give for the study of the religious matter. The common people with proper education with high degree of qualification have no proper knowledge about the religious matter and the rituals are followed only through the family member taken from the ancestor. Such people cannot answer common questions of the religious matter and is not going to be ashamed for the act and will feel proud of him thinking to be ultra-modern themselves. If somebody asks a question of religious matter suppose from the Gita from an India or the question from the Bible from the Christian from a well-educated students from the college of MBA or from the University of Medicine. This is because there is no such proper religious study in school or colleges in India and abroad. The world is so busy in material study that it has and it is forgetting the matter and contributions of the religions in their daily life.


    Without the proper education of the religions a country can be great and will not have the power to grow in future. The other education is necessary but at the same time the education and studies about the religions is highly required to build the nations and the moral character of the contemporary people. The degraded moral of having sex at the premature level in school and colleges before marriage in various part of the world mainly in the western country like America, Germany, Switzerland, England and Africa including the eastern Asian country like India and Pakistan along with the Sri Lanka and Nepal, will get valued and will go at the upliftment of the same. But the need is to raise the matter through out the word by such organization with has control over the world like UNO and commonwealth organizations.


    There should be ample number of school for the religious study and there should be a subject of such study included in the academic curriculum in it, and all the student have to be taught the matter of religions in the primary level of the schooling so that if any student unfortunately have to leave the study at this level will not be deprived such study of religions. Some more degrees about religions have to be added in the current academic syllabus so that the deficit of the teacher is not experienced at any level. Then only the religious matter will get attention in the fast running, materialistic natured, and non-religions world. The Muslims only have the Madarsas to teach the religious matter to the students in there schooling life. These Madaradas are spread over the world were the populations of the Muslim have some existence. So if there is no knowledge about the life and no proper educations but the Muslim have the quality of having the knowledge matter with all the followers.