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  • Circulo da Lua
    Community de pagina pagãs portuguesas.

  • MidNight Celtic Moon
    MidNight Celtic Moon hopes to be your one stop Craft, Gifts, and Ritual needs Shop. We are located in Central Wisconsin- 50 miles north of Madison. Following the Celtic Traditions, Please stop by other members in this communitys sites. All Site you find in this Community will be of the Fantasy and Pagan ways nature. So if Fantasy is what your looking for; you have found the right place. Blessings and Light- MidNight Raven and Celtic Wolf

  • Temple of the Earth
    Temple of the Earth is for people from all walks of life. Nature/Earth inspired Paths welcome as are any Healing sites. Join the Community with Kindred Spirits who walk the same path.

  • Dana's Community of Sanctuary
    Share your Pagan journey with us. Let's cross Paths!

  • Dark Moon Circle )0(
    Goddess, Witchcraft, Pagan, Magickal, Mystical informational sites Covens / Ecovens on line Pagan and Witches soical networks

  • Critics of the House of Netjer
    Some, when confronted with stories about the failures of the Neo-Pagan community, have said things like "these were not very bright or very well-educated people, so what did you expect". But is that all there is to it? Here, we're going to tell part of the story of a group which seemed to have everything going for it, and ended up in a place no less absurd, despite all of the advantages it enjoyed. Making the case that there is no substitute for traditional values.

  • ADF Members
    These are personal pages of ADF members, and the views within do not necessarily reflect or constistute the views of ADF. ADF is a Pagan fellowship that is Pan-indo-european, polytheistic, liberal reconstructionist with a focus on scholarship, meaning that ADF members keep the old ways of a vareity of Indo-European cultures. We use myths,legends, history, archeology, anthropology, and artifacts, to form a clear picture of how ancient peoples lived spiritually and practised their faith.

  • Jacksonville Pagan Community
    This is a community for Jacksonville, Fl Pagans webpages.

  • TMG Celtics
    A community for the members of The Celtics at The Magickal Gathecommunity Site Competition.

  • Nature's Song
    A Community for Magickal Web Sites linking with Nature and Witchcraft.

  • A Pagan Resource Community
    A Community Surf community for all pagan resource websites!

  • Call of the Amazon
    Bright Blessings! This is a community for all those who have heard the call leading us to our heritage, legacy, and birthright-- the call to the Amazon Nation. This community has been created by Spirit Amazon (http://www.spiritamazon.com) in hopes of connecting all Amazon-related websites to one another, thus strengthening the bonds between all members of the glorious Nation. With Artemis' blessings, our arrows fly true!

  • Kansas Pagan Alliance
    This community was created and is maintained with the idea of helping a thriving Pagan Community in the State of Kansas to prosper and flourish. This community will allow Kansas Pagans/Wiccans a chance to network to share ideas and information.

  • Oz Pagan Parents
    Australian Pagan Parents is a community to connect Parents who are raising their children on the path of a Pagan or Wiccan. We are also a place where Mums to be can be also. We are an egroup based list.

  • Colorado Pagans
    This community is for Colorado Pagan to list their sites so others can visit and enjoy.

  • Pagan Commerce Community
    This community is for PAGAN/ EARTH-BASED RELIGION shops only.

  • Spinn sirkelen
    Dette er en community for norske sider om heksekunst, paganisme, Wicca, okkultisme og andre emner innenfor samme område.

  • The Willow Grove Community
    This is a Community connecting the web pages of members of The Willow Grove Dephi Forum.

  • Sacred Circle
    A community for quality Pagan journal sites.

  • The Celtic Warrioress Site Community
    This community is for women who consider themselves Celtic Warrioresses. Feel free to join! All I ask is that there be no hate sites or pornographic content.

  • Work At Home Pagan Parents
    WAHPP & PWAHP (Work At Home Pagan Parents & Pagan Work At Home Parents Est 1998) :) http://wahpp.fh-net.com/ This is a place to meet new friends who share the same concerns unique to Pagans, homeworking moms & dads, balancing work, home, and some kind of personal life in addition to the issues we face as Pagans. So come in, grab a cup of tea or coffee and support your fellow WAHPP & PWAHP!

  • Pagans Versus Persecution
    A Community that promotes understanding and harmony for Pagans and is vehemently opposed to religious persecution in all its forms.

  • Sacred Pathways Pagan Community
    Created by Pagans for Pagans! Resource Sites, Shopping Sites, Personal Sites and more!

  • The Circle of Enchantment
    What's real.....what is not? What is impossible.....what is not? Where does fantsy end and reality began? How curious are you to find out? New Group forming in NE Georgia. Welcoming seekers that are truly interest in learning how to respect on anothers beliefs. We are not seeking to blend all our traditions into a single eclectic path, but prefer to recognize each tradition as a valid path unto itself. We believe that those following different paths can still support and learn from one another. Wiccans, Witches, Pagans, Shamans, Druidic, Christians...etc, etc, etc... are all welco

  • Hexing Apart Together
    Heidendom, Witchcraft

  • Strife, Discord, Mayhem, Chaos
    A community for those who worship the gods of discord Enyalius (Strife), Eris (Discord), Ate (Discord II), and associated deities.

  • WarriorSpirits: Reclaiming The Warrior's Path
    Community for Warriors and their different aspects. Pagans, Wiccans, Shamans, Healers, all coming together to make change.

  • Crone's Cauldron Community
    This is a community for practicing witches (male or female) who are into the Cronehood stage of life. Sites should reflect the joy of living as an elder or sage as well as demonstrating the maturity and wisdom that only can come with age.

  • Embracing the Mystery
    Wonder still exists...magick colors our world for those with eyes to see. Are you granted sight? Is the mystical your home and comfort? Join us. Share your knowledge, your words, you art, your life. Embrace the Mystery and come together...{;}{;}Any site dealing with magick, mystery, wonder, faeries, otherkin, or the commonly referred

  • The Community Of The Morrigan
    A Community for those who walk the old warrior/ess pagan path, bardic, druidic, solitary, coven,pictish, irish, scottish, norse-asatru, Witta, Shamanism Types of Paganism. This community is Not a Wiccan Nor a Neo-pagan Community!

  • Bargain Days for Pagan Ways
    Let everyone know that there is a store where

  • All Reincarnated Beings
    To bcommunity together, those who have past life experiences or interested in learning about Reincarnation and the like.Anyone who cares to share knowledge.

  • Pagan Wisconsin
    This community is for sites in the State of Wisconsin promoting Pagan Unity while still cherishing our Pagan Diversity.

  • Silver-Moon
    Silver-Moon/DACA is an informative organization whose goal is to put out information about occult ritual abuse in order to show the stereotypes the media has put upon it, the truths of it, and the signs of occult ritual abuse taking place within a family. Any site relating to this information or to general paganism, or merely wishes to show their support of this site, is free to sign up.

  • Sunflower Magic Web World
    Astrology, Psychic Readings, chat, spells, ghosts, healing, national predictions...

  • Queer Pagans
    Queer Owned. Queer Operated. Queer Space. Community linking together information pagan sites geared toward the GBLT community.

  • SilverWeb Community
    Branching out from the SilverWeb mailing list and SilverWeb Club comes the SilverWeb Community. This community is for Pagan related sites to include Wicca and Shamanism. We are building one of the best Communitys on the Web.

  • Texas Adult Pagans
    This is a community composed of the websites of members of the online club Texas Adult Pagans.

  • The PsyVampyres Community
    This is a vampyre community for psychic vampyres Only, or those who drain and or manipulate energy for magickal, ritual or health purposes.It is not a roleplaying, lifestyler, sanguine/blood vampyre community UNLESS You feed on blood for ENERGY and not for subculture needs/because you like the taste of it RING.

  • Witch/Pagan Webblogs
    For all you Pagans with webjournal who dare to express your self freely on teh net. Join here! No hostile anit-witch/witchcraft site alowed. If your a witch/pagan/wiccan/earth-centered religious person with a weblog share yours here! We can all express our selves freely!

  • MotherMoon Magicke
    All sites must be Pagan in origin and dedicated to magick and the Earth Mother and Sky Father. Any spells offered on the internet should be kept simple. I hope we can form a new sisterhood. Blessed Be!

  • Digital Pagan
    A community for any who consider themselves a "Digital Pagan" with a website that reflects it.

  • PaganChat
    This community is for those who chat in Spirituality-PaganChat in TalkCity. Any Websites by the people of PaganChat are allowed. Please remember to upload the PaganChat image to your own server.. Thanx everyone!{;}Brightest Blessings!{;}Dana (Huntress of the Dark) aka. DarkestDesyre

  • SilverMoon's Path
    This a Pagan based community for SilverMoon's Path. The hope of this community is to unite Pagans together in order to learn and grow from eachother... any and all are welcome :)

  • Official PaganChat Community
    Keeping the people of Spirituality PaganChat together. All chatter pages and other pagan/wiccan sites/pages welcome.

  • Moonwatchers of the Black Night
    For worshippers of Nature.{;}Bcommunitying Pagan nature products and Pagan People together . All are welcome.

  • Pagan Circle Online Campus
    A community exclusive to the members of the Pagan Circle Online Campus to post/advertise their web sites.

  • Friends of Ravaen Community
    This is a site for Pagans, Reiki Practitioners, Herbalist and Naturopaths. If your site deals with any of the above or something similar you can join.

  • Witch Market
    A Listing of the Pagan Merchants on the Web. The best Witch Market's out there. Featucommunity Handmade items and supply stores. Auction seller's and more.

  • Circle of Crafters
    A community for religious crafters, particularly with a pagan / occult / metaphysical theme. Creative people who design and create arts and crafts with a religious theme (any pure--not hateful--religion welcome) are invited to join the CoC!
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