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  • The Wiccan Room
    The Wiccan Room is a community for sites which give information or which are about Wicca and/or Pagan related. I am hoping to link together, many sites so that travellers may stop by and find what they are looking for. There is so much mis-information about Wicca on the internet and so many people still think it is evil. Hopefully, this community can help to change people's views about our chosen way of life.

  • Anillo Pagano
    The purpose of this community is to create a union between all the pagans in the web, no matter sex, race, age or sexual orientations. {;}This community have males and females, pagan, wiccans and witches of different races and countries.

  • Blogs by Pagans
    A community of bloggers who are pagans, all colors of pagans from Wiccans to Recreationists and everything in between. If you consider yourself pagan, you belong here.

  • Community of Celtic Witches
    This community is my attempt to link the best sites dealing with Celtic Paganism, specifically those created by pagans who call themselves Celtic Witches.

  • IMVU Pagan Circle
    Join your fellow Pagans, Wiccans, Druids, Witches, etc... on IMVU! By joining this community you'll be in constant touch with others of like-mind at all times. Simply place the code provided somewhere on your IMVU page and, voila! You'll be approved! In advance, welcome to the IMVU Pagan Circle!

  • Cycle of the Seasons
    This is a Community for anyone who has a positive 'nature based religious site' (aka pagans, wiccans, druids, shamans, earth based spirituality religions, etc.). If you're looking for your first Community or your tenth, this is the perfect addition to your site.{;} *** New Banner coming SOON***

  • Witches of the Solstice Moon
    Witches of the Solstice Moon is a community of people who are using their websites to share their spiritual journey!

  • Raven's Wing
    For devotees of Dark Goddesses....sites do not need to have information on these Goddesses if run by a Pagan of such leanings. Sites about Dark Goddesses, are of course welcome as well. While the name is inspired by a particular Irish Battle Goddess...all cultures and all types of Dark Goddess paths are welcome.

  • Community Of Pagan Merchants
    A community for stores that feature hand-made or custom designed items that are of interest to the on-line Pagan & Wiccan community.

  • Pagans Against Animal Abuse
    wicca, pagan, against animal abuse.

  • I Blog tra le Nebbie: Avalon Community
    Tutti i blog avaloniani del web

  • EnchanteD EncounterS Community!
    Explore the magickal fantastickal worlds of EnchanteD EncounterS Community! Hand-picked sites with ons of information. Breeze through wondrous sites, beautiful places, soar in the realms of Magick!

  • Under the Feast Hall Table
    For the dogs at our hearths and hearts, because Pagans aren't all only cat people. All Pagan traditions, all dog breeds and mixes are welcome to this community. Non-canine animals welcome if accompanied by a dog. If you are a Pagan with a dog, whether you have a site dedicated to her/him or just a mention, or you are inspired by the spirit of the canine, we welcome you.{;}

  • Netzhexen - NetWitches
    Dies ist mein Community für alle Hexen und Magieinteressierten. Auch kommerzielle Seiten sind Willkommen. This is my community for witches and all who are interested in witchcraft. Also commercial sites are welcome.

  • P.I.C.T ---Pagans Inked with Cool Tattoos
    For Pagans into body modification; tattoos, piercings, scarification, branding. Got a page about body mod? Some pics of your work (keep it PG, please! sorry this is NOT an adult content community)? A story on how getting your work was a spiritual experience? Are you a Pagan tattoo artist or piercer? Just into it and got a website? Then please join us!

  • Forgotten Goddesses Shrine Community
    This is a community devoted to the many forgotten Goddesses of old. To add your site: The site must be pagan, including a shrine or site giving information , such as prayers, details, photos on pagan goddesses.

  • Red Branch
    For Pagan Warriors. Martial artists, warrior traditions, political activists. Our main focus is on the serious walker of the warrior path, whether your site is about spirituality, training, history, mythology, other, or a combination. Reenactment sites welcome if they are focused on recreating historical military methods. RPG sites will now be allowed only if they are VERY interesting.

  • Pathways of Spirit
    This is an open Pagan and Pagan friendly community of friends from Delphi and around the world. We encourage explocommunity all sides of our paths.. The dark is there to balance the light.

  • Community of Pagan Elders
    This is a community of sites owned by Pagan elders of all traditions and cultures. We have all been following our own particular Path in time measured in decades, not years or months. We offer guidance and support and information to all interested visitors.

  • Mystic Sea
    This community will be to unite Pagans around the world. I would like to encourage Pagans, Witches, and alike to join to make our community a happy home. My guidelines arn't too strict. Your site must be of mystical nature and family friendly. Thats it! Lets join together!

  • Texas Pagans
    For Texas Pagans, Sites by Texans, For Texas Pagans, or About Texas Pagans. Sites do not have to be pagan just created by anyone who has ever lived in Texas and happens to be Pagan. :)

  • The Pagans
    The community is for fellow pagans that want to share there knowledge with the world. Please NO SATANISM sites!!!{;}{;}This is for Pagans/Wiccans ONLY!!

  • Disorderly Witches
    Disorderly Witches is a rowdy group of witches...the master web site represents our train of thought.....life, love and adventure!!! With some magick tossed in on every occasion needed!

  • Mystical Realm of the Dark Dawn
    A Dark, gothic, open-minded, for abstract people who do not dwell in the mundane.

  • PaganSpeak
    This is a community to join pagan journals together with common interests. Each member will be expected to participate in a monthly collaborative project and vote on new sites submitting to the community. Check out the website for further rules and regulations before submitting to the community.

  • Macha's Children
    Community for Pagan horse people or who care about horses and are horrified over their slaughter due to Premarin production and other forms of abuse. If you are a Pagan horseperson, worship an Equine Deity, are active in anti-abuse or alternative hormone promotion, or just want to hook up with others who want a better life for horses, please join us.

  • Mystic Magick
    A community to link all Magickal sites together.

  • Women Of Wyrd
    Welcome to Women Of Wyrd. This Community includes those who have websites on the This includes the many different spiritual paths of the "Old Ways" or "Elder Ways" including Norse, Druidic, Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, Native American, and modern Heathens/Pagans having websites that do not promote hate. {;}{;}

  • AAWC Pagan Unification Community
    The AAWC Pagan Unification Community was designed to bcommunity together all of the pagan communites on the MSN Community server, as well as other pagan websites.

  • Pagan Connections
    Community for all 50 of the Pagan Connection state group.

  • Darkness Within
    Aquilus Dot Net's offical community. Darkness Within for sites that contain dark, gothic, vampire or wiccan info.

  • Conservative Pagans, Heathens and Traditionalists
    A place for Pagans, Heathens, Traditionalists and other Western and Near Eastern Polytheists who are politically conservative or moderate, who affirm a belief in Traditional Western values and in an objective morality, placing a high value on reason, honor and piety, and none on political correctness. Racists, antisemites, their apologists and other undesirables are not welcome on this community; if you see material that genuinely qualifies as hatemongecommunity, and is not just anti-open borders, critical of the behavior of the Left or otherwise politically incorrect, please tell me right awa

  • Pagan Coffee Talks
    For Pagan networking efforts, especially events like the Pagan Coffee Talks, Pagan Pizzas, Pagan Afternoon Teas, Pagan Night Out. Also for any regulars at such events and sites with any local networking. And for online networking groups too. Pretty much any Pagans interested in networking with others.{;}

  • Witches of the Stars
    A wonderful community full of only the HIGHEST QUALITY websites On Witchcraft and Paganism.

  • Pagan Gathecommunitys
    The Pagan Gathecommunitys Community was created to network the web pages of local, national or international pagan groups who sponsor regular open meetings, events, conferences and/or rituals.

  • The Sacred Unicorn
    The main website here has a Unicorn site with pages and pages of original writings about unicorns and pics of them. Also featured in separate sites are Angels and a place to buy a Psychic Reading.

  • Mystic Sellers
    A place for all sellers of New Age, SCA, Renn Faire, Wiccan, Pagan, Mystical items. Wether hand crafted or pre purchased, this list is for your. Even if you do not sell your items, but list instructions please feel free to join! All sites without hate or preduice content are welcome to apply!

  • Pagan Military Wives
    A blog community for Pagan wives of active-duty military. Spread the word!

  • Chicago Polytheists: Pagans, Traditionalists and Heathens
    For Pagans, Traditionalists, Heathens and Polytheists who live in the city of Chicago, or its suburbs in Cook, DuPage, Will, Kane, Lake or McHenry counties in Illinois and Lake County in Indiana. This is usually a closed community, which means that you'll need an invitation from me to join. The best way to get one of those is to become an active participant on one of the mailing lists which belong to this community, and talk about your site once people over there know you. If I take a look at it and find that it would be a good addition to this community, I'll invite you to join.

  • The Delphic Oracle
    Now under new management (and on a new server, I suppose). The Communitysurf branch of a NONWICCAN community for those with interest in Greek or Roman philosophy / religion / mythology / culture / history and/or those who worship the Greek or Roman gods, following a religion substantially derivative of those traditional in ancient Greece and/or Rome. (Both Pagans and Nonpagans are welcome to join). - YES, the community is closed, so you'll need an invitation if you want to join. The way you get one is by signing up for a Graeco-Roman Soapbox, becoming an active and positive contributer to the

  • Skyclad Pagan Community
    For Pagans, Heathens, Polytheists and Traditionalists who worship / practice skyclad (nude). Please read the homepage for this community before signing up for it. Nothing too unfriendly, but we see and do things a little differently on this community, in a way that matters if you're going to be applying to join. Please note : this is a closed community, and you can only get in by invitation. Invitations only go out to those who've been active contributers on the "Skyclad in Chicago" list.

  • Circle of Pagan Men
    A community for Pagan men and the pages they maintain.

  • creativepagans.com
    A community for creative pagans. All sites should contain at least one peice of original music, artwork, poetry, graphics, etc.

  • Scottish Pagans
    A community of pagan or pagan related sites maintained by pagans, of all denominations, resident in Scotland.

  • Olympus: Gods and Goddesses of Greek Myth
    The Greek Pantheon, the basis of Roman mythology and much of our classical literature... and a Pagan pantheon for polytheists.

  • Spiritual Paths Community
    This is a community for sites pertaining to spiritual paths such as astrology, reiki, tarot, paganism, and so on.

  • Spellcaster's Cauldron Net Community
    A Community for Witches

  • Mystik Magick
    A community for anyone with a personal, or pagan, web site!!!

  • Realm of Spirits
    Native American Poems & Quotes, Native American Legends, Native American Spiritual and Birth Totems, Ghost pics, Ghost stories, Facts & info about the paranormal, & supernatural, Haunted places in all 50 states, Awards, Banner exchange etc

  • Blogging Pagans
    A community for ADULT Pagans who weblog to link together. This community is for serious Pagans, who are dedicated to their beliefs...this isn't for wannabes, or people that are in it for the shock value.

  • Pagan Faith: Getting A Clearer Understanding

    is a blanket term given to portray religions and religious practices of the pre-Christian Europe, as well as by expansion a word for polytheistic traditions or folk belief worldwide seen from Western or Christian point of view. The term has a variety of different meanings, although, from a Western viewpoint, it has contemporary connotations of faith that has spiritualist, polytheistic, animistic or shamanic practices, like a folk belief, past polytheistic or neopagan belief.

    The word has been described generally, to include the entire religions exterior the Abrahamic monotheistic set of Islam, Judaism and Christianity.  The group defined comprises the majority of Eastern religions, Native American mythologies and religions, and non-Abrahamic racial religions in common. More narrow definitions would not comprise any of the globe religions and limit the term to restricted or rural currents not prepared as civil religions. Feature of pagan traditions is lack of proselytism as well as the occurrence of living myths that clarifies spiritual practice.

    The phrase "pagan" is the Christian version of gentile of Judaism, as well as has an intrinsic Abrahamic bias, as well as connotations amongst Western people similar to heathen, as well as in Islam. For this motive, ethnologists evade the term "paganism," with its unsure and diverse meanings, in referring to customary or significant faiths, preferring more accurate categories like animism, polytheism, shamanism or pantheism; though others disapprove of the use of these terms, declaring that these are just aspects that dissimilar faiths might share as well as do not signify the beliefs themselves.

    Since the later twentieth century, "Paganism" or "Pagan" has become extensively used as the self-designation by supporters of Neopaganism.  As such, a variety of current scholars have started to apply the word to 3 separate groups of trusts: Historical Polytheism (like Celtic polytheism) Folk/ethnic/indigenous religions like Chinese Folk religion as well as African customary religion plus Neo-paganism like Wicca and Germanic Neopaganism.

    The expression pagan is from Latin paganus, originally meaning rustic or rural or "of the nation." As a noun, paganus was utilized to signify "nation dweller, villager." The semantic expansion of post-classical Latin paganus in sense "non-Christian, heathen" is uncertain. The dating of this sense is contentious, however the forth century seems most reasonable. There are 3 main explanations of the expansion:

    Neopaganism is the term used to recognize a broad variety of contemporary religious movements, principally those influenced by the historical pre-Christian European pagan religions.

    Neo-Pagan religious movements are tremendously varied, with beliefs that vary extensively from polytheism to animism to pantheism as well as other paradigms. A lot of Neopagans practice a religion that is completely contemporary in origin, whereas others try to precisely rebuild or revitalize indigenous, racial religions as discovered in the historical as well as folkloric sources.

    Neopaganism is the postmodern growth in industrialized countries, found in specific strength in US and Britain, however also in Europe plus elsewhere.

    The main Neopagan movement is Wicca, although other considerably sized Neopagan faiths comprise Neo-druidry, Slavic neopaganism and Germanic neopaganism.

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