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  • Forward, You Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses
    Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses, creating a circle of advice, experiences, resources, information, humor and friendship. All ex-Jay-DubYas welcome. The intent is to offer a community of sites that will help all of us as we navigate the issues involved with being a former JW. If you've been cast out by family and friends, find support. If you have insights, share them. Learn to ask better questions, walk your own path and follow your own unique calling.

  • Opposing Views And Their Downfall


    Opposing views refers to the views expressed in contrary to the point of view proposed by one group of persons.  Opposing views are very important to be considered while arriving at a consensus for a problem. These opposing views will help one person to understand the depth of the issue before coming into any meaningful conclusion.  Let us take an example. Assume one country is at war with the other country.  The people in the country against whom war has been started will pray God to help them from the enemy attack and save the country.  The people on the other side or in the case the soldiers of the other country which has led the war, will also pray God to present them with the victory. Whose words or prayers will be heeded to by God? Is it the prayers of the country people or the prayers of the soldier?


    As believers, on both sides of the war zone, we are called to pray to our God to guide, protect and safely return our loved ones, involved in this evil confrontation. Regardless of the motivations of the two sides of the war, mothers still love their children; fathers want their sons to "Be Men" and perform honorably according to their personal beliefs. Again, only God knows the true whisperings of their consciences. Only He can judge, Only He is in control of their destiny.


    First of all God does not intend for us to go to war. One of His commandments is, "Thou shalt not kill!" Man makes the decision to go to war! Whether he is the aggressor or the defender, is where conscience and responsibility emerge.


    Our God warns us to render to Caesar that which is Caesar's. We are sometimes expected to be called into action to preserve our own country's safety in a time of war. Those who do not claim "Conscientious Objector" are forced to go into warfare with the opposition.


    God judges each individual on his or her own inner desires. We are not judged as a country unless the whole shebang has gone to hell in a hand-basket. (Sodom and Gomorrah.) War should be the last resort of conscionable leaders of a country, town or region. However, this is where conscience comes in. If those leaders have ulterior motives, like monetary gain or control or other unsavory reasons, then it is left up to their responsibility to face God's judgment, and they WILL! But, as leaders they affect the rest of us by that action.


    Who would want to be their parents? This is an example of personal conscience. Should we be the judge? I doubt it. Or is that the place of God? Mankind has, from the beginning of time, been tempted to have that which his neighbor owns. Jealousy, greed, and selfishness have overpowered God's warning to share, forgive and love his fellowman. Satan's war against God has been consistent since he, as a fallen angel, was cast out of heaven. Infecting mankind with his promptings to gain more, have it all, ignoring the feelings of others, at any cost. Satan's guide is the opposite of God's challenge that we love each other. Me, me, me, mine, mine, mine, at any cost is Satan's plan. Those who listen to the whisperings of Satan willingly go about giving in, to greed, jealousy, selfishness and hatred of those who would do good.