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    What New Age REALLY Means

    The term ‘New Age’ brings something different to everyone’s mind when they hear it. For some, New Age refers to a type of music that while pleasant, can put you to sleep, though that’s probably the point since it is touted as being great for meditation! To others, ‘New Age’ conjures up images of spirituality and to others it reminds them of astrology and tarot cards and goodies of that sort. You know what? They’re all right in a sense.


    New Age really does have a little something to do with all of those things as it refers to a new age of thinking in terms of spirituality that promotes us  to seek the truth and independently make our way to spiritual enlightenment while rejecting religious doctrine and dogma. In English? Simply that the path to spiritual enlightenment is has nothing to do with the bible and formal religion but rather using the sun, moon, stars and inner power to reach the level of enlightenment that we all wish for.


    The term ‘New Age’ can be a little misleading given the fact that what is considered the New Age movement actually began in the 1960’s. It gained more popularity the following decade thanks to what was referred to as a ‘failure in Christianity’.


    Another misconception about New Age is that it is somehow related to Satanism and that those who believe in New Age spirituality are devil worshippers who perform heinous acts in the name of rituals in the name of Satan. This couldn’t be further from the truth! New Age is about peace and fulfillment, not dancing around with dead chickens and such! In fact, what they actually believe in and promote is and end to all wars and strife in place of a blissful Utopia thanks to world peace.


    In recent years, many New Age shops have emerged and only helped propel some misconceptions about what New Age really is. By selling items in these stores like voodoo dolls, black candles for putting bad spells on people as well as a number of other Occult items, it has led many to believe that New Age has more to do with Occult and a worshipping of Satan more than anything else! It’s no wonder that so many of us are confused.


    Just to make things as clear as can be, let’s go over some of things that New Age spirituality does advocate. They believe in caring for and preserving our Earth. They also believe in self-fulfillment and personal transformation through meditation and awareness. They also believe that by understanding and accepting all other religions, that a new religion made up of the acceptance f all of the others, is on its way.


    See, it’s not what you thought, is it?? That’s the problem with our world today; we’re quick to judge and draw our own conclusions on things like religion without actually looking inside and being sure. It sounds like the New Agers aren’t the ones we should be afraid of!