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    Well, we all Blog but what sets us apart? F: The fact that we are all bloggeresses (to be politically/genderically correct)? M/H: Our covered heads enabling a better encased cranium and hence a thought process more refined and integillent (misspelling intended) than the *rest*? P: Being a resident or somewhere-in-the-bloodline Pakistani? R: Love to let loose on the World Wide Web your thoughts routed regularly on your blog? S/C: Are all so self-assured and confident and think we are the cat’s whiskers? E:And are all extraordinarily everything good under the sun! To join

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    Sadaqa (som betyder vänskap på arabiska) är en nystartad community för kvinnor som är gifta eller sambos med muslimska män. {;}{;}Bilden av muslimer i massmedia är inte alltid rättvis eller särskilt nyanserad. Detta är något som påverkar hela familjen. Det kan vara jobbigt att som kvinna och mamma hela tiden behöva förklara och försvara sig och sitt val av partner, bara för att man har valt någon som kommer från en kultur som i vissa avseenden skiljer sig från vår.{;}{;}

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  • Understanding What Muslim Really is As Opposed to How Some See It


    Muslim is the religion widely spread almost all over the world with very low or very high density in different part of the world. Huzrat Muhamadd and Husan and Hasan are said to incorporate the sect in India and in other part of the world. There incorporation in the society about the do and don’t give the society a new and proper way to go ahead in the religions.


    Muslims are so hard in there following religion that they will teach even the child about sect following methods. Even if there is no time then also the man has to offer the worship to the Allah who is the only god in there. Muslims are very strong in character in case of following the rule of the religions as if anything happens to them they will not leave there do and the duty assign to them. They have to follow the rule of the Allah secretly without making any visual act to show another people. If any one has to donate the wealth for preparation of the mosque, they will donate secretly without any names on the donation. This act makes them happy as the god or the Allah is happy with the act.


    They have the spiritual thinking that if they are not going to the Haz pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina at least once in life time then their life will not be completed and they have to go to the hell after the death so almost each and every person in the society use to save money for the pilgrimage voyage in the life. Even the poor and the poorest person want to go for the trip by saving the money right from the beginning. They will also keep money for the donation to be given after coming back from the journey. The huge crowd in the Mecca every year shows the faith and religion matter of the Muslims in such a great aspect that the people of the world will show the respect to the society. But some people of the Muslims are doing the wrong thing in name of god and Allah and try to kill the people in the form of terrorisms. They are taking away the small and innocent child from the society and making their mind for the heinous act through washing up regularly with the help of training for the fight with the innocence people of the world. Hence some people with cruel thinking and with their plan making all the highly sacred society a bad and providing the bad name to the entire race.


    This discrimination will only be eliminated with a strict action against the wrong doers not only by the Muslims society but also by the all the country in the world should come together to help the people of the society. Otherwise the sacrifice in the form of roja every day in the time ramjan by the Muslim will go in vain, where they live hungry for full a moth only on the food of one time.