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    Gender and Sexuality: Always A Hot Topic


    Gender and sexuality always been a hot matter right from the beginning of the civilization and still is a matter of fact to be considered for proper discussion and understanding by both the sexes that is by male and female. The discrimination in gender can be seen from ancient period of history except the early Vedic Age where the women were worship as the incarnation of the goddess on earth and hence the intelligence and scholarly women exist in that period. But in later Vedic period the discrimination in the gender started on very high point and the women are too considered only the material of satisfaction for the male dominated society as the power of the rule directly goes in the hand of man and thence only the society turns into a man dominated society. From that period to now a modern period the society remains the same and women still searches the position in the society.


    Sixteenth century to modern British is also experiencing the influence of the man-dominated society. Virginia Wolf and Jane Ire in their literature have given their ample experience in the contemporary literature. Virginia Wolf has complain in his writings that in male dominated society she was not given the proper facilities for writing her personal experience due to lack of time and self financial condition. Also she has no private rooms in which she can writer her work without any disturbance. She claims in her imaginary writing that there was a sister of Shakespeare who was as intelligence and scholar as the brother himself but she has to scarifies herself for the betterment of her brother, so that he may get full advantage in the society and her name could not become famous for her scarified act. She also claims that if Shakespeare were a female then he could not have got so much fame for his writings and he would have sink into the unknown deep see of writings.


    When we talk about sexuality then it came first the comparison with west and east. In west the sex is no more taboo and there is free sex everywhere and a girl of teenage can be seen as pregnant of having enjoyed the sexual life. Here the school and colleges offers sex to be enjoyed by keeping sex protection materials in the bathrooms and toilets of the educational institutions but prevention of the bad effect can be done by such methods and more and more teenagers are enjoying the sex in their little age and becoming the unwanted mothers and also suffering from the deadly disease of AIDS. Studies also show that they are happy by being pregnant in early age; they are unaware of the fact having a child in such a little age. In the eastern country like India sex is still a taboo and it is prohibited for the person of having not married but the news and internet advancement in the country has increase the sex rate to such an extent that it becomes comparable with the western country. And the rate of abortion is increasing day by day in the most metro city in India. Now day’s children are becoming addicted to the Internet and media channels in absence of the parental guide or the less knowledge of the matters in the Internet. So the maturity age is decreasing day by day and the girls are becoming more mature at the little age