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  • Cult of the pink grapefruit
    The Cult of The Pink Grapefruit does not exist so find out more.

  • Fictional Matter


    Fictional matter is of much importance in the writing of either novel or story or any script of a movie. Without the fictional creation it is not possible to prepare any of the writings what ever may be the originality in the fact the work of creation, the imaginary thing is most importance in such work. If there is a  movie based on the actual story of a persons, on supposing that  the writer has not taken any fictional matter from his  mind but has completed the work, then also there is total fiction in the writing as the writer  has to use his power of imagination for the creation of the work because s/he is not watching the matter at the time of writing  and has to be procreative to reproduce the matter as it was happened in the environment then only his work will be treated as fine art of work otherwise the matter may get spoiled and s/he will gather a bad fame in her/his name, so finally s/he has to use the power of imagination to produce the good art of real life happening the society.


    If the imagination power is less or the matter is not produced as if the case was in the real life situation the word done is not perfect. And there is defect in the creative writings. Similar is the case in the writing of text book for the general class students, if there is no good imagination power in writing such books then the matter of the books will get a poor quality fame and may be treated as the copy from the others books with only some necessary changes taken from that or even it may be treated as rewrite of the book with changed word with keeping only the meaning. Fictional matter has great impact on the mind of the readers, as the great classics of the world by Milton, Shakespeare, Dante, William Wordsworth, S.T. Coleridge, George Bernad Shaw and many others have left a great impact to the world.


    The enormous fictional matters of Paradise Lost by Milton can be reproduced in any of the age. The fiction has such a great impact on the readers of every age that if they tend to forget the work forcibly then also they   will not be able to do that as the ever ending  classic work  has such  a quality to adhere to the matter in the core of the mind. Nowadays the children are not interested in such qualities of art and fictional matter due to the immergence of the Electronic media and advance of the television technology along with the advent of the Internet. They are stick to such entertainment and forget all about the fictional matter of he books of the classic nature. And the matter is only restricted to the professional readers as  for literature students and the writers who are  either writing for the company for  news or any other professional matters like the content of the website.