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  • Divination: Getting the Answers You Seek


    We all need advice at one time or another in life, and fortunately, there are always plenty of folks more than willing (though maybe not as able as they’d like to believe) to give it. If you’re struggling with whether or not to marry that magical person you met last month through that online dating site, just ask your “bff.” If you’re fed up at work, and think you should just tell your boss to take this job and…find someone else to do it, there’s a trusty bartender at a pub near you, with oodles of experience from which to draw to give you feedback. For the more important questions in life, like which of the social networking sites you should join, or whether Diet Coke and Mentos would make a good late night snack, a higher power might need to be consulted. This is when you might need to know about divination.


    Divination is defined by Merriam-Webster as, “the art or practice that seeks to foresee or foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge usually by the interpretation of omens or by the aid of supernatural powers.” Since seeking advice almost always involves “future events,” and knowledge that you don’t have is always hidden (at least from you), the possibilities of what you can learn by divination are almost endless. In fact, divination has long been a popular method of pursuing the answers that people need the most. Many religions throughout the world have elements of divination in their practice, and there are plenty of different methods of divination that can be employed. One of them is bound to suite your style.


    One type of divination is necromancy. This consists of establishing contact with someone who has died to seek answers that may be found more easily in the afterlife, or find things out that only the deceased person could have known. Another popular method of divination is palm reading, which makes predictions about elements of your life by “reading” the lines in the palm of your hand. This is obviously not something that just anyone can do – not many people can read a language written completely in slightly curved lines of various lengths on the inner flesh of someone’s hand – so it is necessary to consult a psychic reader for this service.


    For a warmer, cozier approach to divination, try pyromancy. This is done by burning incense, leaves, and other foliage, then watching various qualities of the fire to determine the message. If you’re a numbers person, you might like numerology. With numerology, the letters of the inquirer’s name are exchanged for numbers, which are then used to learn more about different elements of that person’s life. Tarot cards, bones, and tea are among many other possible ways to peek at the arcane with divination. Even the Christian Bible can be used in divination. Although divination is generally not smiled upon in Christianity, some diviners use the Bible – as well as other forms of sacred text – by randomly selecting a passage from which to receive a relevant message for their inquiry.


    You can divine more information on this topic by consulting an internet search engine, keyword “divination,” or your local library. You can also find books on divination in your local bookstore in religious and inspirational sections.