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  • PastorsWives
    PastorsWives Thriving in the Fishbowl

  • Ex-hippies, Jesus freaks, still living for JESUS w/ ALL their hearts.
    Would like to meet spiritually mature fellow Christians who were saved ducommunity the "Jesus Movement". (No cults, please.) Are you still IN LOVE w/JESUS? Still ON FIRE for JESUS? Still a servant in Him?

  • Faith Photo Fridays
    Take a picture that reflects faith moments throughout the week. Every Friday post ONE photo on your site to share with others. No words, please. Let the photo do the talking!

  • Early Church
    For those interested in the Early Church, writings of the Early Church, the Desert Fathers and Mothers, the early Celtic Church, and a call to a life lived in the Presence of God and in the Holy Scriptures.

  • Orthodox Christian Studies
    site for Orthodox Christian Studies

  • Christen in und um München
    Community des Christlichen Radios München

  • Life's Answers From God's Perspective-Women of Worth
    Women of Worth is a Step Study put out by Life's Answers Study Groups, written by Renee' Lovelace. More books are to come, such as; "Men of Promise", "A Voice" and 6 Volumes of "Life's Answers" and in depth perpetual intensified discipleship course. Go visit the site at http://www.lifesanswersstudygroups.com and you can join the online forum or chat room for Women of Worth as well as go to the chat room page and study the Bible with many resources while listening to some of your favorite Christian Artists.

  • The Ragged Edge
    "The Ragged Edge" Community is for misfit christians that refuse to accept the "status quo". Every website is guaranteed to aggressively challenge your perceptions, and encourage you to grow in "Truth" rather than "regurgitated platitudes"

  • Pauline Family
    We are the members of the Pauline Family (the religious congregations and institutes founded by Bl. James Alberione). These are our personal blogs and the blogs maintained by our bookstores and other centers of apostolate. G L O R I A D E I P A X H O M I N I B U S

  • BiblePrinciples Community
    A Community for Home Educators who Educate usiing the Bible Principles method..

  • Overcoming the damaging effects of child abuse, rape and other traumas
    Nothing is impossible with God. Recovery and healing from coping with effects of abuse; - drug addictions, eating disorder, self-injury.

  • Prester Square
    A ministry for the free belief Christianity in the answecommunity of the calling to faith of Jesus Christ, Lord and Saviour.

  • Powerpoint Presentations
    Free powerpoint presentations to share.

  • The Topical Bloggers
    A group of writers who each week blog on a topic picked by a member of the group.

  • Ordinary Inspirations
    Inspirations for stay at home and working moms. Encourages women to love their husbands and respect them. Come be inspired!

  • The Lord loves Children
    If you are a believer in Christ who believes Children are a blessing from the Lord as stated in Psalm 127:3-5, and have surrendered the size and timing of your family to the Lord (aka "Quiver-full") please feel welcome to join this ring.

  • Churches of Christ Sermon Ring
    This site features sites that contain sermons my ministers and members of mainstream Churches of Christ around the world
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