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  • Community de Música Cofrade
    Un Community Web para poner en contacto las páginas relacionadas con la música cofrade

  • The Mighty Way Ministries Community
    The purpose of this community is to link{;}various christian ministries&christian{;}homepages together to unite in spreading{;}the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • The Word
    Joining christian around the world, together through the internet.

  • Goodness Grows
    Christian Blogs for and by Christian Women

    Holy Scripture to encourage a believer as well as lead an unbeliever to faith in Jesus Christ.

  • YMX Member Blog Community
    This is the repository of links for member blogs of the YMX Forums found at www.ymexchange.com

  • K.J.V. Pentecostal Community
    A community for Pentecostal sites using the Authorized King James Version.

  • Shiny Red Glass
    Christian Homemaking Tips For HIS GLORY{;}{;}Who can find a virtuous woman? for her worth is far above rubies. Proverbs 31:10{;}{;}Are you a woman who feels less than perfect or is trying to juggle biblical principles into a modern world and feel like you're failing? Then this is the place for you. This is a place for women with little homemaking know how to learn the tricks of the trade. Join us as we strive to be worth 'far above rubies,' and not less than shiny red glass.You can find gardening information, learn how to make soap, or just find a recipe.

  • Followers of Yah
    A community for those that follow the True Biblical names of [GOD]___YAHWEH; YAHOVAH; YAHSHUA MESSIAH.{;}WE GIVE ALL HONOR TO YAHWEH!

  • HE FOUND ME Community
    Shacommunity the Gospel in Cyberspace.

  • Padre Pio's Internet Prayer Community
    A community of prayer devoted to Blessed Padre Pio da Pietrelcina.

  • CB Church Websites
    CB Church Websites

  • Skabelsesberetningen
    Kun for sider omhandlende skabelsesberetningen på dansk

  • Urban Baptist Community
    A place where Independent, Fundamental Baptist who are located in the inner cities of America can come to express views and learn of other brethren labocommunity in the inner city.

  • Faith Prayer & Blessings
    any sites that encourage prayer and faith in Jesus Christ, reverence for the Blessed Virgin Mary, and harmony towards all Christians are welcome.

  • In Nomine Christi Amen
    This is a community for christians.

  • A Breeze of an Angel
    Come Join and Feel A Breeze of an Angel. This Community is for Angel Lovers, and Christian Sites

    This is a blog for past and present members of ERMC or any of it's previous incarnations!

  • Fishing For Men
    Fishing for men

  • Message From God Community
    Community for Christians sites which would like to add the Message from God banners to their site. Sites are subject to approval for the community rules and regulations.

  • Sisters In Christ
    A community of Christian young ladies magazines and personal sites. :)

  • United Church of Canablog
    United Church of Canablog is a home to various United Church of Canada webloggers.{;}The community serves to link together the changing weblogs created by UCCan folks.

  • pcchristians
    We believe: 1) the Word of God is relevant yesterday and today and forever. 2) Jesus is God.{;}Please join us.

  • The Carpenters Community
    This is a community dedicated to the world wide spread of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Light Peace
    A community for all who are in accord with Peace and who will work for it.

  • C.A.B. Deliverance Ministries Inc.
    Apostlic/Prophetic Writings for the Bride of Christ Today, Teachings to guide one by live out by Yasha. Anointed Woman of God Called by His Name to the Five Fold for such a time as this. Come Eat HIS Flesh and Drink His Blood that ye may be made Whole.{;}{;}Blessings be unto you in Jesus name{;}Amen, Amen, Amen{;}In His Service{;}Apostle Yasha{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}{;}

  • Teens Crazy 4 Christ
    Community for all Christian Teens out there who aren't ashame to proclaim the Name of Jesus Christ and proclaim that He is their Lord and Savior!

  • Orthodox Everything
    A community for all (canonical) Orthodox. If you are Orthodox and have a homepage even if it isn't about the faith, please join. If you are Orthodox and have a site devoted to any aspect of the faith, please join.

  • LDS Youth Community
    Community for sites that help the youth in their struggle through the Battle of Life. Eternity is at stake!

  • All Bible Studies
    This is a community for studies in the Holy Scriptures. These studies may come come from any faith and creed. No sites will be accepted that bash any other faith, belittle the teachings of God or that discredit the Bible. Love of God, Christ and the His word must be evident in your works. This is a new community and I hope it will grow with sites that look into God's word and will for all of mankind.

  • Christian Directory
    Directory of Christian ministries, churches, and businesses in the United States listed by states and cities.

  • Families Can Be Together Forever
    This community is for sites whose owners are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. These sites uphold church standards and are family friendly.

  • CommunitySurf: Holy Marys Community
    Teaching Catholic Faith IAM LOYAL TO THE MAGISTERIUM, AND THE TEACHING OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH Sacraments, Catholic Prayers

  • iPraise BlogCommunity
    The official Christian blog community.

  • The Raven's Rantings Community
    To link christians trying to spread the word about Jesus, and placing God into thier every day lives

  • Het christelijk geloof
    Nederlandstalige community met informatie over het christelijk geloof, gebaseerd op de relatie met Jezus Christus, zijn kruis en Zijn Woord de Bijbel. Informatie over het bovennatuurlijke, de Heilige Geest. De verschillende kerken en denominaties. Gebed en opwekking in Vlaanderen, Belgie en Nederland

  • Ss. Benedict and Scholastica Abbey
    A convocation of Christians who in their various states of life are attracted to, follow, or are under the Rule of St. Benedict and the practices of Benedictine ways of life.

  • Apostolic Bloggers
    Connecting Apostolic bloggers, Declacommunity the Acts 238 gospel. Revealing the one true God.

  • Old Path Baptists; NT Local IFB
    A Community for Independent, Fundamental Baptist New Testament local churches; holding to the old paths of Jeremiah 6:16, preaching from the KJV, and taking a stand against modernism and the "progressive" movement.

  • Continuing Anglican Blogs
    Continuing Anglican Blogs is a community of blogs by members of the North American churches that "continued on" when the Episcopal church turned away from the "the Faith once delivered to the Saints."

  • Communitying for jesus
    Communitying for jesus

  • Church of Christ Internet Radio Stations
    This is a community site for Church of Christ (Internet) Radio Stations. If you are interested in Music and Sermons visit the sites. If you are a COC Broadcaster and wish to join the community please let us know.

  • HOCC Blog Community
    The Highland Oaks Church of Christ blog community was to unite the people of HOCC. Web users can use this unique list to easily find other HOCC bloggers.

  • Inner City Issues
    An online Christian community sponsored by Souls Harbour RESCUE Mission to bcommunity together any sites or blogs that are sensitive to the plight of our world's inner cities--Poverty, Homelessness, Housing, Addiction, Food Security, Hunger, Meals, Gentrification

  • Alpha-Word Community Of Praise
    Alpha Word comes from my site title shacommunity the Christian faith worldwide! Subjects covered include God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Godhead, Satan, Bible, Salvation, Spiritual Gifts, Healing, Christian Music, Christian Movies. If you have the same vision then why not become a member today?

  • Young Ladies Christian Fellowship
    For young ladies and their families who promote character, purity, and godly living

  • College Ministries
    Connecting Christian ministries to college campuses around the globe.

  • Church of Christ Home Schooling Families
    We are home schooling families that are members of the Church of Christ.

  • Catholic and Orthodox Bloggers and Writers
    This site is for orthodox Catholic bloggers and writers. That means, as a Catholic, one must be in communion with the Bishop of Rome and accept the teachings of the Magisterium. This community is also open to members of the Orthodox churches as long as they hold valid the seven important sacraments of the Church.

  • Christian Bloggers Online
    A community of Christian Bloggers shacommunity faith in God and love of family
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