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  • America Under Prayer
    A Christian community that cares and has something to say. Lets spread the Word together.

  • Zion
    Community for the members of Jesus Freak

  • The Christian Deer Hunter
    Linking together the webpages of fellow Christian deer hunters.

  • Biblical Christianity Community
    A Blessing from God in Jesus' name. A centralized ministry on the internnet for Orthodox Christian content.

  • Grace to You
    "Grace is chen in Hebrew and charis in Greek. In both languages it may be translated as favor. However, in relation to G-d, grace is not passive favor, such as 'to receive favor,' rather it is active favor, such as 'to be favored with a gift.' This active form is the way grace is to be understood in Scripture. In fact, charis is translated as gift many times in the New Covenant writings in connection with the gifts of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor 12:4). In this context it clearly means an endowment or enablement. G-d's grace is His willingness to provide us with His enablement."(endquote:Rabbi David

  • Salt and Light is Cancelled
    There is no one to respond. No email is forwarded. All members, inactive and active have been removed. This community has been abandoned. I notified communitysurf twice asking them to let members know to invite some other member to pick up the community. They never did or they did and no one took it on. I keep getting notices to include new members. Sorry, I don't do this any more. There is no email to send to now and therefore no one will respond. It's done.

  • breathe
    a collection of sites eloquently designed by christian youth.

  • CreativeChristian
    CreativeChristian bcommunitys to you an assortmaent of Christian web pages that reflect different interests and hopes to reach a variety of people in this community

  • LaRae 2000 Family Life Center Site Community
    A Site Community for Family Related Christian Websites.

  • Grace Cafe
    Grace Cafe is java for the soul. Cool music, cool stuff, cool site.

  • Something The Lord Would Like
    Community designed to network christian individuals and businesses to help other people.

  • aware
    A community for young Christians who want to spread the Good News and help others be Aware that God loves them!

  • Moms4Christ.com
    Fellowship for Christian Mothers of all ages, races and denominations!

  • Christian Police Wives
    Christian Police Wives Community

  • Completely Alive
    christian community

  • The Returning King Of Kings.
    The returning King.{;}{;}Revelation. 1. {;}7.

  • True PCchristians
    There are those that may tell us that it is not logical to read the King James Version bible in the 21st Century. I can tell you this, who are they to play God? {;}{;}I have created this community to gather together a Christian Army that will defend the KJV bible. If you believe believe that the KJV bible is valid yesterday, today and forever then please join this community.

  • Gods_Promises
    God's Promises for a Fruitful Life

  • Praise Web - Internet Group for Christians Worldwide!
    Christian Community & Resource Network

  • Jesus is Lord
    A community for all christian sites!

  • In Mary's Arms
    This IN MARY'S ARMS Community is dedicated to the sorrowful Mother of Jesus, Mary, who held her dead son in her arms once He was taken down from the Cross. Mary is the compassionate Mother to us all. Let's us ever turn to her in trust and prayer, and be enfolded in her compassionate embrace.

  • Proud to be God's Girl!
    Join Christian women in praise, worship and prayer! Join us in making an uplifting community dedicated to bcommunitying glory to Christ!

  • Home of the Prayer Angels
    A place where Jesus Christ is honored. A place for his love to flow and broken hearts healed.

  • Christian Mommies
    Community for christian moms, including parenting sites and personal family sites.

  • FamilyWorshipCentre
    Your best Christian resources on the web today !!!

  • The Parish Community
    The community of all Parishes around the world. All Christian and Catholic parishes around the world with homepages are free to join. The purpose of The Parish Community is to connect parishes together so they can be one.

  • Towards A Strong Internet Civilization Of Love And Service
    This community invites all Catholics to join us and create an Internet civilization of love and service through sites strongly bonded together for the benefit of all.

  • 1 Way Up
    Freedom to do what is right

  • Doc Tot's Baptist Community
    The community of the Web's MOST Controversial Baptist Site!! DrTaterTot.com has chat, discussion forums, debates, preaching, outlines and just about anything Baptist related!!! Come on in and check us out!!!

  • Tough As Nails
    Devoted to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This community is for those who believe Jesus Christ is tough as nails. He died by being nailed to the cross so that our sins would not keep us from entecommunity the Kingdom of Heaven.

  • Joy/Strength/Lord Site Community

  • Our Lady Of Tears
    This Community is to promote the chaplet of Our Lady Of Tears.Given to Sr. Amelia in 1930. Our Lady of Tears Apostolate are devoted in hopes to rekindle this beautiful chaplet in the heart of people everywhere. Anyone with prayer sites of our Lady are welcome to join.

  • Journey To God
    Join this community if you are Catholic and upholding Catholic Traditions. The various websites will show the rich source of extraordinary gifts to the Church for the work of the new evangelization. As John Paul II cites in Novo Millennio Ineunte #33, "Our Christian communities must become Genuine "schools" of prayer, where the meeting with Christ is expressed not just in implocommunity help but also in thankgiving, praise, adoration, contemplation, listening, and ardent devotions, until the heart truely "falls in love."...It would be wrong to think that ordinary Christians can be content wi

  • CommunitySurf: New Community
    WOMENnPOWER EAST COAST CONFERENCE TOUR 2005 .......also MENnPOWER AND TEENSnPOWER ALL SEATS FREE! JESUS PAID IN ADVANCE!! website: www.womenNpower.com CITIES ON TOUR Augusta, Atlanta, Ft Lauderdale, Dallas, Birmingham/Huntsville, Raleigh/Durham, Myrtle Beach, Daytona Beach, Winsted, Baton Rouge and more ~~~~~~

  • Sisters In Service
    A place for ALL Chirstian Sisters in any kind of service be it Clergy, Ministry, Church Service, Sunday School Teacher or the lady who gives her brother or sister that extra dime they are short in a check out line, picks up an elderly woman's dropped keys or the girl who tells her school mates about Jesus. All women who walk the Christian walk are welcome here.

  • CommunitySurf: Holy Marys Community
    Teaching the Catholic Catechism,of the Catholic Church

  • Orthodox Anglicans
    This is a community for orthodox or conservative Anglicans and is meant to provide a means to create connections between one another in various parts of the country and the world.

  • ERMC bloggers
    An online forum for ERMC bloggers

  • This is a community for Christians of the Byzantine tradition: specifically Eastern Orthodox and Byzantine rite Catholics.

  • Risen Saviour
    This community is dedicated to my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ who was born, lived and exemplary life and died that we might be saved by the shedding of his blood.

  • The Romans Road Community
    Welcome to the Romans Road Community. The Romans Road is a walk through the Bible's book of Romans. With each step we find a verse from the book. As we travel the road we are lead to a wonderful destination, the foot of the cross of Jesus, and the opportunity to accept Jesus as our personal Savior and Lord of our life.

  • Traditional Catholic Community
    Sites that hold fast to the traditional teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and reject the doctrine of the Second Vatican Council. Featucommunity traditional Roman Catholic sites and sites dedicated to the Traditional pre 1962 Latin Mass and Roman Catholic Traditional beliefs and practises of 2000 years. Those practising papolatry or Maryolatry and those sites which preach error or new age heresy will not be considered for membership. This community does not accept blog pages.

  • The Roman Road Community
    A community dedicated to shacommunity the "Romans Road" Scriptures from the Bible's book of Romans that leads one to the foot of the Cross. Walk that path with me now...

  • SolaMoms
    Christian women who embrace the doctrines of grace & the five solas of the Reformation.

  • Christian Apologetics Community
    This will be a non-denominational Christian Community dedicated to teaching Christians to defend their faith and to actively evangelize. We must share the gospel and teach others about our reasonable faith.

  • Wesley Foundation
    "Walk in the Light as He is in the light and we will have fellowship with one another." 1 John 1:7 These are our love songs to our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. This is our abandoned pursuit of He who first loved us.

  • Sincerely Me TV Blog Community
    Christian's that blog to encourage and minister to those around us.

  • Bethlehem Baptist Church Bloggers
    This is a group of bloggers who attend or are affiliated with Bethlehem Baptist Church in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.

  • Cross Faith
    This webring is for those sites that believe in the finished work of Christ on the cross at Calvary and have articles pertaining to Jesus Christ.

  • Roman Catholic Christians
    Belong to One Holy Roman Universal Church
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